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Zzzzz Zzzzz…

Well, what an amazing journey it has been. Our last full day in Cambodia is now over and we are sad that it has come so quickly. However it ended very well. Today, as you know, we were able to go to Angkor Wat, an amazing site filled with many ruins of temples and kingdoms from a few thousand years ago. The temples were originally built for the kings, who were believed to be a god and each time a king would die the next one would be a god and they would build a temple. The kingdoms were Hindu and much of the art reflects that. However, since the country is almost completely Buddhists, they have added much of their own views. From just looking you wouldn’t know that these are two different religions being shown at the temples but that is because Buddhism originally derived from Hinduism so they have many of the same characteristics.

Today the sites of these ruins were so breath-taking, the detail and work put into these temples were so great. It was incredible to see but it was also a good reminder knowing that these people did all of this work for their fake gods and now it is falling apart but the Work that we do for our God holds up forever, and we are storing our treasures in heaven not on earth.

We were able to climb on and around about four main temples and see many more. It was such a blast but it sure took a toll on our bodies. After much sight-seeing, climbing, taking pictures, and feeding monkeys some our students were able to ride on an elephant to the top of a mountain with a wonderful view. After the long full day in the sun the team came back to the hotel, ate dinner, and prepared for our departure tomorrow. The team is now sleeping and rightly so after the long day and how worn out they were because of it.

Tomorrow we have a pretty good size van ride back to the capital, Phnom Penh. We will then depart from the airport their later tomorrow night and begin the long journey back to Dallas. Pray for sweet and full rest tonight, strength, patience, health, and unity for our long travel back. We will post as soon as we can but that may not be until we are in the States again.

Thank you so much for your encouragement, support, and prayers throughout this summer!

1 Cor. 15:58

Country Coordinators

Jesse and Danielle

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