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You are Needed In Panama!

ngobeThe teams are almost full and the deadlines are approaching fast (MARCH 27th). If you are looking to take an adventure that will change your life, Panama just might be where God is sending you. Does the sound of traveling to remote areas and sleeping in hammocks all to make Jesus known interest you? If so, then take a look at what you could be experiencing in Panama.

A step beyond takes you to a new location and a different people group.

One minute, you’re eating in one of Albrook Mall’s three food courts or exploring some of its eight hundred stores. An hour and a half later, you’re in a primitive canoe on your way to the jungle or on a bus climbing a winding road to the mountains. As we do Jesus ministry in Panama, each day is different.

This year, Awe Star’s Team Panama will take a step beyond as we shift our ministry to target the largest ethnic group in the country, the Ngäbe (sounds like No-bay). After working in Panama City for a few days, you’ll travel to Santiago, where you’ll minister in schools, marketplaces, and plazas. After that, you’ll fill water jugs and shop for food supplies as you prepare to make your way to Alto de Jesus. This village, located in the heart of Ngäbecountry, will be the site of our base camp. You’ll build relationships with villagers and introduce them to the good news of Jesus Christ. After a hard day of ministry, nothing feels better than climbing into your hammock for a good night’s sleep.

If you’re ready for an adventure in which you follow Jesus to the ends of the world, Panama makes a great place to take a step beyond.


Picture of the inner-city of Panama



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