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Yawning Youngsters

Hello from Siem Reap! Yes we have made it to the city of the temples (meaning Angkor Wat). Today has been a long day but a great one. This morning God actually gave us the opportunity to do the drama one more time for the Battambang Assembly of God church. It was so encouraging to get to participate in this church service. Even though the songs and preaching was in Khmer, we were filled with the Holy Spirit and still praised Him despite the language difference. The church was encouraged and very thankful that we were able to perform our drama for them and we were excited just to be able to do it once more and worship God through it.

After that we left for Siem Reap. Our ride wasn’t too long but significant and we had a great time of fellowship during the travel. Once we arrived in this city, the students were allowed to split up into groups to go eat lunch and have a time of shopping for souvenirs. This was such an exciting experience. The students were able to engage in the culture by bargaining for the best price. Most of them were very talented at it and very much enjoyed just being able to get a low price for their things. We are continuing to look for opportunities to share God’s love with the people by starting conversations with people we run into and handing out tracts. Pray that God will still use us.

Tonight we have some yawning youngsters. The students are very tired from the long fun-filled day. They now have gone to bed a little early because we have another long fun-filled day tomorrow. Tomorrow we will get to go to Angkor Wat, a landmark filled with huge ruined temples. This place is breath-taking and Cambodia takes so much pride in it that one of the temples is on the national flag. We know we will have a wonderful time and will post pictures of it as soon as we are able to. Again, pray that will have so many opportunities to share the Gospel, and that we will remain happy, healthy, and hydrated.

Country Coordinators

Jesse and Danielle

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