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Wonder-Working Power

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Team Juan

There is power in the name of Jesus!

Our team witnessed the power of Jesus through the salvation of his people.  Our third site of the day, we set up in front of the hospital.  Before the drama, one of our ministry teams invited a man who has gone through deportation.  He has had a rough life.  He came midway through the drama.  He sat engaged in the drama and talked to the kids as they were performing it.  At one point in the drama, as they were beating the Good Prince, he became restless, wanting to help the student playing the role.  He was upset that Jesus was being beaten.  Tears fell from his eyes as he saw the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus.  The leaders of the team comforted him and as Jesus rose from the grave, the biggest smile came across his face as he clapped in excitement.

For our next drama, we went to a park.  At first, no one was there, but the team decided they would perform for an Audience of One.  The team prayed over the site and invited the people, who responded by coming to watch. One of our students on the team shared her incredible testimony.  As she wept with joy as to what God had done in her life, others in the audience began to weep.  Her testimony set the stage for divine encounters.  Throughout the drama, the audience responded with cheering and clapping.  As the teams went out, they shared the gospel, and people were saved.

These two experiences touched the hearts of the students in our group.  In both instances, the audience visibly reacted, and the group could tell that the Holy Spirit was at work.  Praise God for new creations today!

Team Juan TDs,

Mike and Caitlyn


Team Bueno

To Break Every Chain!

Today our students got to minister to some brothers and sisters in Christ who are sick and have medical problems. We visited a girl who could not walk since birth, a lady who was on dialysis and another lady who had a combination of health problems.  We were able to encourage each of them and their families with prayer and by singing worship songs.  The pastor who led us to these homes took us to his home as well.  His wife has not been feeling well and we prayed for her and for their family.  This church is now worshipping in a building that used to be a bar.  It was a bar for 40 years, and now it is a house of prayer.  Please join us as we continue to pray for each of these situations.

Our last drama site was at a junior high school.  It was a public school with several hundred students.  We not allowed to use Jesus’ name during the performance, but that didn’t stop God.  We were the last thing event of their school day, so when we were done, they crossed over to the other side of the school property and our students were then able to share the gospel. Nine students began a relationship with God today at that school.

It was pure joy to watch God speak through students to other students.  Praise God that He broke the chains that kept us from proclaiming His name!


Your Bueno TDs,

Rex and Haley

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