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Willing Witnesses

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Today we got up and spent some time in the Word. We then ate breakfast and the teams split up to begin today’s ministry.

Team Navidad left at 8:00 to head toward the city of Nuevo Leon to our first mission stop which was at a ]plaza. We found a beautiful gazebo at the plaza to perform the drama. The crowd was overwhelming, but the response was even more overwhelming.

We ate lunch at a beautiful park in the city and had a wonderful time full of laughter and telling amazing stories from previous trips.  After lunch we began our long drive back to Nuevo Laredo where we had the opportunity to share the drama at the Pulga J Longoria (Flea Market).

We saw many people come to know Christ today and the students had numerous stories to share with us, but there was one in particular that stood out. At our last drama site, a man named Javier came up to a group of students, explaining to them that he had seen the drama eight years ago at a market down the street. Javier began to tell the students that when he saw the drama the first time he was not a Christian and didn’t accept Christ after the drama, but that three years ago, he made a decision to follow Christ! This greatly encouraged the students because it opened their eyes to seeing the seeds that are planted by the drama are growing after we leave Mexico.


Team Feliz didn’t need to leave as early as Team Navidad, so we enjoyed a teaching called ENGAGE which helps encourage the students things to remember as we do Jesus Ministry. Soon after we left to go to our first ministry site.

For our first ministry site we went to a pulga ( flea market). As we entered we found an open place among all the people selling their goods. The students were able to talk to many people. We then moved into the middle of the pulga to present the drama. After the drama the students were once again enthusiastic to get out and talk to the people. There were many people who were walking around and buying things at the booths, and many people selling things. The students divided into their ministry groups and began sharing with all of them. The Lord used all of them in a mighty way. God used some to encourage other believers, and some were able to help lead others to Christ.

One of the ladies the students shared with had come up to the leaders at the first drama as the students were getting ready to move to the next site. She was very intrigued at why we were there and wanted to see what we were doing. The leaders encouraged her to follow us and we would show her. This went right along with a teaching Walker did earlier about a Willing Witness (the students) + Seeking Soul (the lady) = Divine Encounter!  It never grows old when you see God drawing people to Him!

We then had lunch and did some worship before heading back out.

Next we went to an orphanage where we not only presented the drama but enjoyed playing with the kids. The students loved spending time with them. After the orphanage we went to another pulga where there were once again several people whom the students ministered to.

Both teams then arrived back at Agape to enjoy a delicious meal made by our lovely nationals. After a great evening of worship and a teaching from Walker, the students are wrapped snug in their cots.

Continue praying for Team Navidad, Team Feliz, and the Jesus ministry we will be doing tomorrow.

Your CCs,

Haley & Colby

Gerri & David



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