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Willing Witnesses.

Hello friends and prayer warriors! 

Today marked another day of seeing God’s glory shine in Cambodia. The team faces the bittersweet reality that our time here is coming to an end. God has given us a love for this country and a strong desire to see the people here receive Him.

Many of our students were encouraged by meeting Cambodians who were fellow believers. One of our students even had the opportunity to meet a Christian who lives here in Battambang who works to plant churches all over Cambodia! The student was excited to know that God has raised up people who love this country and who will continue to join Him in His work long after we leave. The work that is still neccessary in this country is so obvious, and we are all thankfull to serve a God who is faithful to complete the work He has started here.

As the students step out in obedience to God and offer themselves as willing witnesses for Christ, God brings opportunities for divine encounters. Many times today students were led to share the Gospel with one or two specific people, but as they shared, crowds began to form around them. As a result of their obedience, God touched more people then the students expected. One student in particular experienced this three different times at a single ministry site. The Lord is teaching us that when we step out and obey the call that He has placed on our hearts, He blesses that and reveals His glory in ways we never expected.

The students weren’t the only ones willing to step out of their comfort zones today. Our translators blessed the students by performing in the drama with them. Everyone enjoyed the fun twists they added to the drama and seeing their worshipful hearts played out in a new way. The friendship that have been built between the team and our translators can only be explained by God’s power and perfect planning. The love that He has given us for one another is one that will last long after this summer is over and into eternity.

We finished our day with a teaching on how incredible God’s sovereignty is. The team took some time to reflect and marvel at the greatness of our God. We talked about how big He is and how small we are. We are so blessed that He chooses to use us in this country even though He doesn’t need us to accomplish His will.

Thank you all so much for continuing to pray for us as we strive to finish strong. Please pray for boldness and more divine encounters tomorrow!

Your Team Directors,

Nick & Allison

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