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What is the Awe Star difference?


If you’re only looking for an organization that will take you overseas, you have many choices. But if you’re looking to join a family that will guide, encourage, and equip you to live the lifestyle of a missionary, welcome home!

Awe Star’s primary focus is to disciple you, teaching you how to become a worldwide citizen of the Kingdom. And the best way to learn this is “as you are going” (Matt. 28:19). Whether you serve in places like Ethiopia, the cradle of civilization, deep in the jungles of Panama, or somewhere else, you’ll acquire the skills you need to become a lifelong Jesus-follower.

As part of the Awe Star family, you’ll lay down your adolescence, pick up your adult life, and follow Him. Let’s go!

What is the Awe Star difference?

The answer is very simple: Awe Star is just as interested in equipping you for life as we are in bringing new life to a lost world. In short, the difference lies in the teaching we pour into our missionaries. We are passionate about raising a generation that can stand on its own two feet–one that will go against the flow of a culture that says the Christian life is all about convenience. Awe Star wants to equip you with the tools to surrender your desires and future to Christ.

Awe Star has been repeatedly recognized as the source of the most advanced discipleship training students ever receive. As we prepare our missionaries for the field, we also equip them for life by teaching them to understand the Word and Will of God. Our discipleship covers everything from spiritual warfare to identity in Christ. Everyone returns from the mission field with great stories. When you complete an Awe Star Global Passage, however, you will return with much more. The Awe Star difference lasts…for life.

2015 Trips:
Mexico Spring Break-
Panama 14 Day-
Panama 35 Day-
Peru 35 Day-
Suriname 35 Day-

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