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Wednesday: Follow Me

Follow me.   These were two words that Jesus spoke to his disciples and were two words we digested through bible study,  Our ministry teams and ministry sites. People’s lives have been changed through the power of the Gospel and the obedience of students and adults.

Ask your student about the incredible things God did in Nuevo Laredo.   You will be amazed of all He has done.  (Today we wanted to post about the prison ministry sites,  orphanage,  and motorcycle rally, but due to the internet cafe being closed and technical difficulties, we were not able to put up a full post. )


Tomorrow we head home early in the morning.   Please pray for our drivers and students.  We are looking forward to trying you all that God has done in Nuevo Laredo!

Your Country Coordinators,

Colby and Meredith

Mike and Gerri

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