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We Will Trust in You!

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Team Juan

This week in our quiet times, we have been challenged with the theme of trusting God.  Today was the culmination of all of our students raising funds, praying, traveling to Nuevo Laredo, and training for the Freedom drama.  The trust of letting go of all things familiar to follow Jesus this week has been a rewarding aspect of stepping out in faith by seeing people come to know Him today.

During our last drama site today, the market was extremely crowded with not a lot of space to perform the Freedom drama.  We asked a vendor if we could utilize his space, and he said yes and that we had thirty minutes to perform.  Our students excitedly took their spots, performed the drama, and when one of our students cast the net and asked people to raise their hands to receive Jesus, this man, who graciously allowed us to be there, raised his hand.  One of our ministry teams went over to talk with him.  The man said that God has been calling him to surrender his life to Him for a long time and now was his day of salvation.  The team led him in prayer. We believe this was a divine encounter, and we saw salvation come to a market vendor who now is our brother in Christ!

Even before one of our dramas started, a lady came to know Christ.  As our students were doing the Cha-Cha-Slide, one of our leaders started talking with a lady located near where we set up. Before words were said, she said she needed to know Jesus.  Through a simple conversation, this lady, who was minutes away from leaving, surrendered her life to Christ.

After one of our dramas at a plaza, a man came and knelt down.  Thinking that something was wrong after him being on the ground for a few minutes, the team knelt down with him and after helping him to his feet, realized he was weeping and in awe after watching the drama and so grateful for Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection.  He talked for a good 15 minutes and the team had no idea what he was saying, but we could see what he was saying as he glorified God!  What an opportunity to see what God has done in his life!

Team Bueno

God once again has shown His love and desire to grow His Kingdom.  We started ministry today at one of the pulgas (flea markets).  Despite the distractions of a busy shopping area, the students set the stage.  We were able to draw a crowd with the drama and God was able to change hearts and extend grace to several. The students quickly learned to be willing witnesses for God.

The afternoon was spent in a plaza and then in a different pulga. The afternoon found our team getting comfortable with the drama and in their ministry teams. In the plaza we found several that claimed Christ and others that rejected the Truth that was presented to them. In the midst of this there were several salvations and even more seeds watered and planted.

The last site, the pulga, drew our biggest crowd and many new family members. One of the local pastors was able to lead a family of five to Christ.  Our students had many opportunities to share the gospel and introduce many to the Kingdom. A group of our students had an amazing encounter with a large group of children who were eager to hear more about the story of Christ.  The group shared about the love that Christ had for each one of those ninos and ninas so that they could fully understand who they are as a child of God. Most all of the children in the group prayed with our students to ask Jesus into their hearts; it was such an incredible sight to see! There is something so beautiful to see a large group of children understand and want a personal relationship with our Savior. This brings so much joy in our hearts.

We ended our busy but impactful first day of ministry with a great meal, worship, and a teaching from Walker about the attributes of God. Thank you all for your continuous prayers and support of our students. They are having such a wonderful experience seeing God work in many people lives and work in theirs as well!

Blessings from your TDs

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  • Gilbert says:

    Hi from Britain! – team Juan and team Bueno – great to hear what the Lord is doing, and of people getting to know Him because of your willingness to share.

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