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Watching the Spirit Move

Greetings from Chepen,
We are continuing to see the Lord break down walls here in Peru. The people are usually very open to what we have to say, and they are very interested in the gospel. This morning we started off the day by doing a drama in the plaza. To our surprise, there was already a large group of people there when we showed up. We were able to go out and minster to them and see the Lord work. One student spoke to a woman who was so happy to hear about Christ and they formed a bond very quickly.
At another site, we had even more people show up. This large group of people fueled our energy as we continued the drama. One group got to talk to some teenagers who did not see the drama. This opened up the opportunity for them to share what the drama was about and many of them came to know the Lord because of this.
This evening we did the drama in the plaza once again and the crowd was even bigger! We are amazed to see how the Lord just continues to bring more people to hear His message. One of the students was sharing the gospel and it was evident that the Spirit was moving. This student was preaching with power and authority, and the people were understanding what he was trying to say. After a long time of presenting the gospel, the student offered an invitation to enter into a relationship with Jesus Christ. At this moment, one man stood to his feet which started a chain reaction of people standing up to show their desire for Christ. This was awesome to see how much they wanted to enter into a relationship with Him and live their lives differently. Another group began talking to some men and found out that one of them spoke English. This man began translating the gospel for us, and seeds were planted in the hearts of the men. The Lord definitely provided this unexpected translator, and it helped tremendously.
Once again, thank you for your prayers. Please be patient as we are having difficulties with putting pictures up at the moment. We will be putting them up as soon as possible. Please keep us in your prayers as we finish up the last couple days of ministry.

In Christ,
Tanner and Cherish

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2 response to Watching the Spirit Move

  • Gilbert says:

    Hi Tanner, Cherish, and all team Peru – from Britain!! – wonderful to hear what the Lord is doing in and thro y’all, and how open the people are to receive what you are sharing. In John C.12, when Mary anointed Jesus’ feet, it says the house was filled with the odour of the ointment – I think that fragrance lingered, for days or even weeks afterwards, because of the amount of ointment she had used – and y’all can be sure, that the fragrance of Jesus in your willing obedient lives will linger with those you have shared with and loved on.

  • Tanner & Cherish- We’ve been praying for u all, the team, & the people of Peru! Were so Thankful for ur awesome updates & pics. U’ve been amazing leaders for this team. I’m SO Thankful my daughter ( Cassie ) has been able to exsperiance this, & go be the hands & feet for our wonderful- faithful Lord. I pray it comes as easy for all the teams to share the gospel & God’s Love, once they all return to their own homes! Im so proud of each & everyone of you!

    CASSIE- We miss u so very much!! Last week honey. I feel selfish wanting u home to see & hug, when ur out doing such important work. We r praying for all of u, continued energy, open hearts! I love & miss u. Love, Mom

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