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Visiting the Village

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Hello friends and family!

Today was a very full but sweet day of ministry for the team. With the help of Ana’s (one of our translators) aunt and uncle, we were able to gain access to two different schools this morning. Praise the Lord for the doors that He opened in providing our team with the opportunity to present the Gospel to so many teachers and students, with such short notice!

Because of time constraints, we were not able to go out in our ministry teams as usual at the schools. However, we were still able to love on the kids and teachers and to clearly present the Gospel. Pray that the Lord would bring to fruition the many seeds that were planted this morning.

Yesterday, after we presented at a park, we were approached by a man named Girson. Girson said he was a Christian and really wanted the team to come out to his village, Agua Blanca, to present our drama and share the Gospel with them. Girson said that the people in his village had not been very receptive to the Gospel, but that he hoped that would change if we came and spoke with them.

After lunch, the team had the opportunity to fulfill Girson’s wishes! We headed out to his village, a trip which took about thirty minutes through some very beautiful jungle. Once we arrived, the people of the village so kindly served us chicken soup and juice. It is so humbling for the team to see people who already have so little give of themselves in that way.

After enjoying the meal, the team presented the drama. We were able to tell these people about the Good News, and many opened their hearts and received Christ as their Lord and Savior. Praise Him for the great things He did in Agua Blanca today! The team then had the opportunity to love on the kids and engage in the national sport, futbol. The teams were somewhat mixed, but then the older ladies of the village decided that they wanted to play our students in a 6-vs.-6 match of soccer! The students loved it, and it was a hilarious sight to see as the ladies of the village and our students enjoyed themselves in this friendly competition.

Please continue to lift up Agua Blanca, continue to lift up our team as we finish out our LAST day of drama ministry tomorrow, and as always, pray that the Lord would continue to work in power through the obedience of our team.

That All May Know Him,

Karissa & Jacey


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