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Virtuous Men and Women of God

Hello! What a great day it was in Battambang! This morning after our normal breakfast of eggs and bread we traveled far to a small school to share the Gospel. This school was a blast! The students here were so outgoing. Many of them lined the front of our stage to do ridiculous dances with some of our team and others were lining up to be raised high in the air. They were all so excited to have us there and to see our drama. During ministry, one of our translators felt like a particular ministry team should come with him to minister to a certain teacher who saw the drama. This was odd because usually the translators just tag along and help us communicate, but the ministry team leader went to this teacher. When they approached this teacher they found out the teacher spoke English so the translator who felt led to this woman was able to go help another ministry team while this teacher was being ministered to in English. It was obvious that God knew what He was doing when he laid this teacher on the translator’s heart because she accepted Christ! 
Today we also got to encourage the local church in that area by performing the drama for them. They were so happy to have us with them and were so hospitable towards us. This evening we split up the guys from the girls and did some guy/girl teaching for both groups. First the guys met with the male leaders and the girls met with the female leaders to be ministered to specifically and learn about biblical man and womanhood. Then the leaders switched and the guys got a girl’s view on things and the girls got a guy’s view on things. We are learning to serve and love each others in the roles God has called us to.
Please pray for crazy awesome ministry tomorrow as we only have a few days of ministry left. Also pray for excitement and expectancy among the team that the Lord will do a mighty work.
Country Coordinators,
Jesse and Danielle
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3 response to Virtuous Men and Women of God

  • Amber Atkinson says:

    Melanie!!!! I am so sorry it has taken me this long to write to you but here it is.. I love you sooooo much and miss you like crazy! But I can’t wait until we can have our reunited hug! Lol it is so great to hear that the team is being obedient to the Lords calling and witnessing salvations because of it!! I wish I could be on the mission field with you!! I am praying for you and am waiting anxiously to hear all the great stories you will have!! Melanie, I am so proud of the woman of God that you are and am so blessed to have you as my friend! I know that God has been faithful to do many things through you and has taught you a lot! But until we can talk about it I must be satisfied with this one sided conversation. Haha You all have a few more days left but a lot more people to share the gospel with! Stay strong, bold, and courageous in all that you do! See you soon Mel!
    Love always,
    Amber Atkinson

  • Jason Tanner says:

    Awesome pictures! So good to see you all in action. What an impact y’all are making on these people. Praying constantly for this team (and Peru and Panama too!). Trevor – Mom said to tell you that she loves you very much! Me too! Can’t wait to see you all in about a week! Finish strong!!

  • Becky Jacobs says:

    So encouraging to read the accounts of each day – thank you! The pictures also tell the story of God’s work there with/through all of you. Shirley Anne, we are so proud of you and excited to see you in a few days! Love, Mom, Dad, JayCee, and Sara

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