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Victorious Visits

Happy Thursday everyone!

Praise the Lord for He is doing in the lives of the people here in Battambang and in the students. As ministry days are nearing the end, the team is eager to do as much Work as possible and are doing so with willing hearts. Battambang is a hard city to do ministry in for so many reasons but the team presses into the Lord and knows that He has all authority.

This morning, the team went to two schools and the Lord continues to provide students, teachers, and people from the city for us to minister to. At one of the schools, a ministry team had the opportunity to talk with a couple of Muslim girls. They listened intently as out students shared the gospel and told the story of Christ’s love. They ultimately did not pray to receive Christ but the seed was planted. We would have never expected to see a muslim in southeast Asia where the main religion is Buddhism but the Lord continues to see fit to allow our team to minister to other nations and people while in this country.

After lunch, the students went to two more schools. Not only do our students find complete joy in sharing Christ with so many generations in one location but also enjoy the time of fun with the children. One of the ministry teams was talking with a couple of girls when their father came up to join the conversation. When the students asked if he had seen the drama, he replied that he had seen it last year. Our immediate response was asking him if he had accepted Christ but he said no, that he hadn’t known how and was waiting. So our students got to lead a father and daughters to the Lord! Our God continues to lead people from last years ministry to this team and allows divine encounters for all generations.

To finish out the night, our team enjoyed stories from Pastor Mony about His ministry to the people in Vietnam as well his family and how God is using him everyday to impact people because of our drama. He talked about how victorious our trip last year was. He continued to call this visit to Cambodia victorious as well because the Lord was using what happened last summer and providing new ones this summer and all for His praise. Our team then split up into guys and girls to enjoy some fellowship before turning in for the night and preparing for more encounters to show the Lord’s glory tomorrow.

Please be praying that we would continue to finish strong and continued health. The night is coming so we must Work!

Country Coordinators

Jesse and Danielle

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