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Vamos a La Playa!

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Hello friends and family!

We hope that your day was as wonderful as ours has been! We arrived in Trujillo bright and early this morning, kicking off our free day in our new city. After our overnight bus ride, the students had some time to rest and shower this morning before going to lunch. Once everyone was fully rested, we got on a bus and headed to Pastor Tito’s house. His wife, Edith, has offered to fix our meals for us while we are here in Trujillo, and the team could not be more thankful! She is an amazing cook and the kids are not even remotely sad about going three days without having PB & J.

After they had had their share of Edith’s cooking, we surprised the students by taking them to Huanchaco Beach. This was the first time many of our students had ever been to a beach! They put their feet in the water (it was way too cold to swim), ate ice cream, played soccer, and bought snacks. They truly enjoyed their time as it was a beautiful day and the rest was much needed.

When it was time for dinner, the team loaded back onto the bus and ventured back to Trujillo’s Plaza de Armas. From here we began our Guy’s Night Out/Girl’s Night Out. This is a time when we celebrate the end of our ManUp/ReignOn lessons by letting each group spend some time together. All of the girls went together and all of the boys went together from the Plaza in order to explore and find a place they could all eat together. The girls discovered a little pizza place where they ordered their food to go so that they could eat and shop. They also set aside time to restock snacks and grab a slice of cake. The guys managed to find a McDonald’s right on the corner of the plaza. They were in heaven as they ate their burgers and nuggets and topped their American meals off with classic Micky D’s ice cream. They then found a store that sold Dr. Pepper. This is a very rare find and they were more than excited to celebrate it! Once everyone had finished, we met back together as a group and loaded back onto the bus for our final stop of the night.

After the students changed into their costumes, we drove to Pastor Tito’s church to preform the drama. We were able to sit in on their Wednesday night service – singing, praying, and fellowshiping with the members. Afterwards, we went out into the courtyard and preformed for the church. The student who brought the Net encouraged the congregation that our team is not a group of missionaries just because we traveled across the world, but because God ordained us to be on mission for Him wherever we go. The student reminded the members of the church that God has placed the same calling on their lives; that they are to go out and preach wherever they are. Praise God that we serve a living King who deserves for His name to be proclaimed!

Please be praying that the team would finish out strong on these last three days of drama ministry, that the hearts of the people of Trujillo would be opened and softened to the Word, and that God would be glorified here.

Your CCs,

Jordan and Hannah

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