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Unrelenting Urgency

Happy 4th of July! Today was another wonderful day of Jesus ministry with great responses. The whole team is really focusing on finishing strong and being obedient to whatever God desires us to do. This morning we went to another high school to share the Gospel. Through God’s strength He used us to lead several students to Him! After we were finished doing ministry at the site, we stayed there for a short time of teaching. We talked about getting dirty for the Lord. In John 9 it talks about how Jesus met a blind man and spat on the ground to make mud and cover the blind mans eyes with mud. After He did this and the man went to go wash in the pool of ‘sent’, the man was healed. Today the team learned that it wasn’t so simple to make mud with spit. We made our own personal mud balls out of spit and it took a lot of work and a lot of saliva. This may seem gross but it was a great eye-opener that Jesus got His hands dirty and He expects us to do the same thing. He doesn’t want us to be a Sit-Tight but rather a Spit-Tight. Jesus did the blood and it’s up to us to do the mud. The students kept their mudballs as a reminder of what God is doing in Cambodia and as a reminder that we need to get our hands dirty for God wherever He places us.

The team just continues to grow in unity and we all have expectant hearts and know God is at Work in this city. So we continue to press on with urgency. We desire to keep working for the night is coming when no man can Work (John 9 as well) and the time is coming where we can no longer Work in Cambodia, so we press on with urgency.

We continued the day by going to more schools. The children at one of these were so eager to see the drama. At the beginning of the drama we had a big stage but by the end of it the children had crowded in so much the we barely had a stage at all. So many opportunities are being presented and we just want to be used and give God all of the glory. He is at Work here folks, you have heard this many times but He is an overwhelming God. We just pray that He won’t relent and that He’ll use us to do all that we can for His name while we still have time.

We ended the day in celebration of the 4th of July. Tonight part of the celebration included a talent show on the team. The talents included songs, improv, skits, reciting books of the Bible, poems, karate, and much more. It was a great night of fellowship.

Thank you so much for all of your prayers, please continue.

Country Coordinators

Jesse and Danielle

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