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We apologize for our delay in updating. The city we moved to yesterday does not have electricity. The school where we are sharing the drama this morning, though, has graciously allowed us to use theirs while we are here. The following are stories from yesterday’s ministry.

The first day we were in Chinandega, the pastor of the church had gone to ask permission of the school for us to perform there. Their response was, “Not right now, but Thursday morning we should have around 400 students here.  Come back then.” As soon as we finished breakfast, the team headed for that school, and true to their word, they opened their doors to us and allowed us to share the Gospel with 400 students. Many of them responded to the Gospel, and our students were thrilled at how engaged the students were and how they saw the Holy Spirit move in that place.

As we began our journey to  our new city, El Sauce, we made a side trip to the village of Pinoalar. This village was an hour or so out of our way, but we were so blessed by the people there. The pastor was very enthusiastic about our coming; very few people every make it out that far. Several people decided to follow Christ there, but we also had the chance to talk to many believers. The believers’ number one request was that we not forget them, but to please remember them and pray for rain. As the pastor shared with us, they have been in a three-month drought, and it is really affecting the people. Not only are their water sources drying up, but their crops are suffering, which will increase the poverty there. Please join us in praying with the pastor for that village to see both physical rain as well as spiritual rain fall and begin a revival in that place.

We will be in a handful of schools today, so please pray for the students we meet to have hearts open to Christ.  Please pray that our students will walk in obedience to Him, having the attitude and mind of Christ. Thank you for your prayers!

Following Him,

Kenny & Whitney

Country Coordinators

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  • Gilbert says:

    Hi Kenny, Whitney and all team Nicaragua – from Britain!! – it’s wonderful to hear what God is doing, and how the people are responding, even in the small rural places. In John C.12, after Mary anointed Jesus’ feet, it says the house was filled with the odour of the ointment – and I think the odour lingered for days, or even weeks afterwards – and you can be sure the fragrance of Jesus from your lives will linger with those you have shared with, and loved on.

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