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True Church

(Monday, June 24)

Greetings from Panama! The team had an inspiring day of ministry outside the city…

Half an hour from the Casa Blanca (our “home” in Panama City) is a small Kuna community. The shacks there are built along the curves of a mountain with mud trails like veins over the hills. The air was cool, the smell of impending rain suggesting a slippery afternoon. We tromped in a line to the church, a tin roof held up by tree trunks. Women in brightly-colored skirts of the Kuna, Embera, and Wounan cultures brought their young children, who piled onto the wooden benches. A square of linoleum covered the center of the floor, and the pastor of the church was the first to drag a line of orange mud across its surface. He welcomed the team and shared how the Lord had miraculously rescued him from a spinal cord injury. Strumming a guitar, he led the gathering in a few songs of worship, the kind of true worship where language doesn’t impede praise of our King. 

The team performed the drama in the cramped space of the church, but the limited room did not limit God. After the drama, the skies opened and a tremendous storm set in. This storm was a blessing, though. For the next several hours, the team and those from the community huddled together under the tin roof pinging with rain sharing PB&J sandwiches and stories about what God has done in our lives. The team held children in their arms and played games. One of our country contacts, a legend in the villages nicknamed “the man with seven lives,” brought us to tears with his account of God using the death of his daughter for His glory. 

The day was full of heart, and our hearts are full from the day.

Please keep us in your prayers as we head back to Cinco de Mayo for street ministry–for focus and divine encounters.

To God be all the Glory,

Steph and Daniel

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3 response to True Church

  • Francie Medford says:

    Wow! Words escape me….keep up the good work! We will keep praying!!

  • Amy Bruns says:

    Way to go, New Hope team! I’m so happy to hear your stories and love looking at the wonderful pictures! You are in my daily prayers and thoughts along with the Peru team (of course!). I pray that your team grows closer together and grows a passion and fire to spread the gospel even after you return home. Stay safe and know that you are all loved and prayed for often! Jeremy & Amy Bruns

  • Cassandra Tutten says:

    F B C Roosevelt is praying for your journey. So excited to see what God has in store for the group! Thank you for having open minds and obedient hearts. God is so AWESOME!! 🙂

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