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L.I.T. Ministries
“Empowering The Next Generation”
You might ask what is the difference between L.I.T. and other curriculum’s or programs? L.I.T. is not a program, but a process by which to reach children with the Gospel of Christ and to disciple, equip, and release them in ministry.
We have found through L.I.T. that the secret of leadership development is to begin discipling children early and allowing them to serve in the church using their spiritual gifts on a regular basis.
L.I.T. uses a seven-step process, which we call the discipleship and equipping process. When a church is properly trained and they walk children and students through these steps, the children’s spiritual foundation is set, and they become solid Christian leaders in the body of Christ at a very young age.  Here is the link for more information
This video link is a one minute explanation of the ministry.
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