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MEXICO: Land of Wonder

The call to follow is a call to the unexpected.

He put on his shoes in the morning as Saul, but he went to bed as the Apostle Paul. When Saul got up that morning and laced up his sandals to go out and harass some more Jesus-followers, the last thing he expected was to become one of them.

But our God is the God of the unexpected.  No one plans to get saved; it is always unexpected. The task is known, but often, the place is unexpected. The thrill of being a Christ-follower occurs when the unexpected becomes the expected.

Little did I realize when I borrowed a piece of concrete to roll out my sleeping bag in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, that I would wake up as a missionary to that country. But it happened. You may not even have thought about serving in Mexico. But one day, the still, small voice of God whispers into your heart the expected: a place to accomplish His task. At first, you think you’ve gone crazy. But the voice only gets stronger until you say yes.

Many Awe Star missionaries’ first discovery of the expected started when God called them to a short-term trip to Mexico. What does God expect from you?


Just over the border awaits a whole new world. Experience the compassionate heartbeat of our longtime Primera Iglesia Bautista ministry partners as we serve alongside them. Here, you’ll take the love of Christ to orphanages, prisons, plazas, rehab centers, and homes as you minister through chronological Bible storytelling and acts of service. Seven action-packed days of intense discipleship, fellowship, prayer, and worship will maximize the ministry as you make the Gospel known.

Embrace the life-changing adventure of the unexpected. Join us as we follow Him to Mexico.


March 14 – March 21, 2015

Cities: Nuevo Laredo

Cost $629.00



Full Name
United Mexican States

Capital City
Mexico City

Population (2011 est.)
(Nuevo Laredo 460,194)

1,972,550 sq km
761,606 sq mi

regional indigenous languages

Catholic 82.7%
Protestant 9.7%
other 2.9%
unspecified or none 4.7%


Government Leaders
Felipe de Jesus Calderon Hinojosa, President

Government Type
Federal Presidential Republic

Time Zone
US Central

127V, 60Hz

Country Dialing Code

For a Mexico country overview (click here)

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