Mexico Spring Break

Mexico: Beaches, beggars, and a step beyond


White sandy beaches, crystal-clear blue waters, tropical climate, and spring break. This what comes to most people’s minds when they think of Mexico. Yes, a few places look like this, but in general, Mexico is a country in poverty. Look behind the shiny billboards, and you’ll see beggars on the street; children running around in dirty, tattered clothes; and houses made from whatever can be found in a junkyard. Men work hard, making only a few dollars a day so they can provide enough rice and beans to feed their families.

This is the Mexico Jesus loves. And this is the Mexico you will love, too, when you take a step beyond. Poverty runs deep here, but the people’s need for a Savior runs even deeper.  We have good news to tell them! Join Team Mexico 2015 and be the one to bring hope to the hopeless and joy to the distraught.

Yes, when you go a step beyond, you’ll get dirty. Small children in tattered clothes will hang onto you. The dust of the city streets and open markets will cling to your clothes. But you’ll also have the privilege of joining our good friend Anabel Badillo and Agape Church as you minister in the city of Nuevo Laredo. You won’t find any beaches here, just a polluted river separating the United States and Mexico, and a great need for Jesus. We offer two opportunities to go a step beyond in Mexico: Christmas 2014 and Spring Break 2015. Will you answer His call?


Just over the border awaits a whole new world. Here, you’ll take the love of Christ to orphanages, prisons, plazas, rehab centers, and homes as you minister through chronological Bible storytelling and acts of service. Seven action-packed days of intense discipleship, fellowship, prayer, and worship will maximize the ministry as you make the Gospel known.




Dates: March 14 – March 21, 2015

City: Nuevo Laredo

Cost $629.00



Full Name
United Mexican States

Capital City
Mexico City

Population (2011 est.)
(Nuevo Laredo 460,194)


1,972,550 sq km
761,606 sq mi

regional indigenous languages

Catholic 82.7%
Protestant 9.7%
other 2.9%
unspecified or none 4.7%


Government Leaders
Felipe de Jesus Calderon Hinojosa, President

Government Type
Federal Presidential Republic

Time Zone
US Central

127V, 60Hz

Country Dialing Code

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