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Transforming Testimonials

Wow! God is incredible! Today, as you know, was our first day of ministry in Battambang. How amazing is our God?! We knew before we started ministry that God was going to move in mighty ways in this city. This is our last ministry city and the whole team just knows that even though the trip is starting to close, we still have time. Because of this our focus was so great and so was the urgency. We were curious how the day would go as we started because it took awhile to find a place to perform the drama. It is much more difficult to get permission to the drama in the city and we saw the proof of that as we started the day and couldn’t get permission from anywhere. Finally God provided us a place to do His work. This place happened to be a high school. After we did the drama our groups went out prepared to do Work. One of our ministry groups went to a group of girls without a translator but it didn’t matter because God was in control and the whole group of girls spoke English well. Most of the girls came to a saving knowledge of Christ. One of the girls was named Morraco. Morraco was already a Christian and she had an amazing testimony. She was raised in a Buddhist home and someone shared God with her at a young age and she believed. Her parents would not accept this change in her life and were cruel to her and forced her to go to the Buddhist temple to worship with them. Morraco has had many struggles with her family through her life, but God is working in her life and her parents life. Her parents now allow her to freely believe and worship God but there are still struggles.

We were thankful that we met Morraco but the ministry group moved on to another older lady in a wheelchair. They started to talk to her but it was hard to communicate effectively because of the language and our translators were still busy. So the group was able to use Morraco to translate and the woman came to know the Lord!

At that same site every ministry group had such a significant story. It was so amazing to God work in such an amazing way at the very first ministry site in Battambang! Our team was already encouraged but this built us up even more. As the day continued we continued to struggle with getting permission at sites but our unity kept growing and God continued to provide ministry sites and amazing stories.

There were so many great stories that happened today! I can’t tell them all but I just can’t express enough how excited we are for the continued ministry in Battambang and we know God will continue to work as the trip is winding down. We ask that you please pray for so many ministry opportunities in the city, that we will get permission from everyone we need, that the stories will keep coming, and that God will get the glory for it all.

Country Coordinators

Jesse and Danielle

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