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Thy Kingdom Come…

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What a day! We began by marching the dirt roads and back corners of the community armed with prayer, asking God to reign down His presence in a land filled with darkness. As people filled the streets to pray to Allah, we flooded heaven with cries of “Thy Kingdom come in The Gambia, as it is in heaven!”

We regathered at the church and began to worship. Rain poured down from heaven–literal rain. The streets flooded as rain clouds filled the sky and showers began to fall. For several hours we sat at the church worshipping, praying and encouraging one another. When the rains finally ceased, we hit the local fish market with the gospel. His presence was evident and several gave their lives to Christ!

Thank you for joining us in prayer today. God heard, and heaven fell. #jesushasdecided #awestar#usherHimback

Peggy Nunley, Country Coordinator

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4 response to Thy Kingdom Come…

  • Gail Eno Johns Rhodes says:

    I thank the Lord for Awe Star’s presence in The Gambia and giving you opportunities to share the gospel. Even when some would think the day was over due to the rain, you used it to give each other strength and energy to go out in the flooded streets (and I’m sure the stench that some dealt with) and bring more to Christ!! Praying continually you get to take advantage of all of the opportunities God gives you!!!

  • Brenda Fowler says:

    Awesome! Love you Graham and Eli😍😍

  • Daddy and Mama Stahl says:

    It’s great to hear you guys are continuing to work hard to spread the gospel. The Gospel is flooding through The Gambia like the rain poured down today. Keep doing what you were called to do. And BBA, I can’t WAIT to get that “first hug!”

  • Daddy and Mama Stahl says:

    Good evening Team Gambia! I am worshiping with music blaring as I clean the house this Saturday noon. Two songs came on one after the other and the Holy Spirit convicted my heart that someone on your team needed to hear these songs or recall these lyrics as you near the end of your time in Africa. The first song is You Will Make Me Brave. The second song is No Longer a Slave. You know the words and you know the Truths they speak about God’s power in your lives. You may have sung these lyrics many times, but I believe that God has intentions to use these songs in someone’s life today. It’s time to let go, to no longer be a slave to whatever fear grips you, and to allow God to make you be brave! Worshiping our Lord and praying for you!

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