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Thursday: Awe

Awe.  This word describes the feelings of a group of missionaries who left Nuevo
Laredo early this morning to travel back to their homes.  Who would have thought
that at the beginning of the week, it would turn out to be such an AWEsome week
where many gave their hearts to the Lord…..God did.

He orchestrated an incredible week of ministry where the prayers, words, and
actions of ordinary students and adults collided with a hungry community
seeking Hope (Paz) and Peace (Esperanza).

As our teams  have started to settle back into their homes, our prayer is that we will
not be settled in returning to who we used to be before this
experience, but will take the great lessons that were learned in following Jesus to
our friends, families, neighbors, and communities.

This week of stories will continue as we hear of more great things that God is going
to do.

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Your Country Coordinators,

Colby and Meridith

Mike and Gerri

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