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Through the Mud in Tingo Maria

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Hello friends and family! We have made it safely to Tingo Maria! This morning, the team said goodbye to our missionary friends and the hotel staff that we have grown close to over the past several weeks and headed down out of the mountains. Tingo Maria is a beautiful city set in the midst of the beginnings of the Amazon rainforest. The team has already settled in and has enjoyed a very good dinner of Chifa.

During our ride to Tingo Maria, not only did the team get to enjoy some of the most beautiful scenery that God has created (our bus took us up into the mountains where we were eye level with the clouds), but the Lord also provided for us in other small ways as well. As we were traveling, the bus had to stop at a national police checkpoint for a routine check of travel documents and a luggage search. However, as the police officer got on the bus, asked for our passports, and then inquired as to who we were and what we were doing there, our translator (Marco) explained that we weren’t tourists but a group of Christians headed to Tingo Maria. The police officer heard that, immediately told us to put our passports away (he didn’t even look at them), and waved us through the checkpoint! God has all authority! Praise Him for that man of peace!

After we settled in and had lunch, the team walked out to the Plaza de Armas (right outside the front door of our hotel) and received a teaching on why Jesus spit (found in John 9). The team learned about how Christ gave a spit for the world and asks us, as the Body of Christ, to get our hands dirty in His work and for His Kingdom. After the teaching, the students each made a mud-and-spit ball of their own to take home and remind them of what Christ did for us and what He asks of us. Christ did the blood so we can go through the mud.

We thank you for the prayers you have prayed on the team’s behalf and all of your encouraging comments. We ask that you continue praying for us as we close out our time here in Peru! Please pray for focus, for the team’s safety and health, that God would provide many ministry sites and opportunities in this city, and that the people would be open and receptive to the Gospel!

For His Glory Alone,

Your CCs,

Karissa & Jacey

P.S. We apologize for the lack of pictures; we didn’t take very many today.

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