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What a Friend We Have in Jesus

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Yesterday in church, we sang a song that said, “What a friend we have in Jesus.” I believe this was the statement of the day. It’s important to remember that Jesus already knows our needs and will take care of them in his timing.

To start off the day, we had morning worship and heard an amazing teaching from Sarah about putting on our armor of God. Both of these elements were much-needed. They prepared us for our day and prepared us to fight against the darkness and the thoughts Satan puts in our head to tear the team apart. Today we walked with confidence in Christ. Nothing could stop us because we could feel the presence of God all day long.

Our many destinations yesterday started with the “Iglesia Bautista Bethel” (Bethel Baptist Church). We were welcomed the moment we walked through the doors. We had the opportunity to experience sharing time in worship with our brothers and sister in Christ. We tried to sing in Spanish and most likely failed to pronounce anything right, but that didn’t hinder what the Holy Spirit had planned for that service. We sang with hearts open and big smiles on our faces. The students were pumped about performing the drama to this church that had shown us already the love they had for Christ. The faces of the children changed from fear of the dragon to sadness as Jesus was crucified and finally to happiness when they realized the free gift Jesus offers us. Yes, we were performing in front of the church, but we still wanted to share the net (explaining the drama and giving an invitation). As we asked if anyone accepted Christ during the prayer, it was quiet for a moment, and then something great happened. A little hand slowly began to rise. Clapping filled the room as a young boy walked to the front and said he wanted to be saved. Oh, what a friend we have in Jesus! His love and sacrifice doesn’t compare to any other friend we have here on earth.

We loaded the bus, and the pastor of the church took us to another place in the community to do a drama. As it has been raining the past couple of days, the sun had finally decided to come out. The heat was pressing down on us, but our team still managed to have smiles on their faces. By the end of this drama, the team’s excitement to do Jesus ministry doubled. We had around 25 salvations at that site. A group of students walked into the car repair shop and led almost all the workers to Christ. Another group walked to the surrounding homes and led families to Christ. And finally, groups got to hear the encouragement from other people who already believed in God. As Christians, we see that God always seems to put others who have a friend named Jesus in our path to encourage us in our walk of faith.

The next drama was performed at a children’s park. The students went out and invited everyone they could find. As time passed, only about three people had come to watch, but still, the students were eager to perform. This reminds me of a story in the Bible that we all know. Now, before you wonder what this story has to do with the drama, let me explain. In Matthew 14, in the story of Jesus feeding the 5,000, the people were eager to hear what Jesus had to say, but they had a problem: They were hungry. This is when a miracle happened. A boy only had five loaves of bread and two fish, but Jesus did not let this hinder His ministry. Instead, He multiplied all the food because the people were faithful. The drama may have started with only three people watching, but by the end, we had around 30 people. I believe God multiplied our crowd because our team was faithful in staying to perform for the three. What a friend we have in Jesus!

Our final drama was presented in a family -friendly central park right by the ocean. The beautiful pictures were a plus, but all the salvations that came from that site were a bigger plus. As we pulled in for the biggest crowd of the day, all eyes were on us. After the drama ended, it seemed as through we needed more ministry teams to help share the gospel because of the size of the crowd. As each ministry team got to lead families, kids, the snow cone salesman and teenagers to Christ, the joy on all everyone’s faces brightened up the whole park. A lady even said, “I can’t believe you guys traveled this far to share the Word of God with us.” This compliment says a lot. It was a great reminder to this team that what they are doing does not go unnoticed.

Yesterday ended in an hour of true worship. What is better than starting and ending the day in worship, and everything in between, Jesus ministry? Oh, what a friend we have in Jesus! His love is not comparable to anything and His mercy is greater than everything.
Thank you for praying for us. Please pray for our team to grow closer to one another and to Jesus. Today, we will be going to two schools to perform the drama, “Freedom.”  On Tuesday, we head to the jungle, and our students are excited to see what awaits and the divine appointments they will encounter.

Your Panama 14 Day Leadership Team,

Mike and Sarah, Country Coordinators
Zach and Mya, Team Directors

*We have limited internet access and are trying to get new pictures up as soon as possible. To get text updates as to when they are ready or any other news related to the Panama 14-day team, text PAN14 to 84483.

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  • Renee Hudgins says:

    Sending love and prayers to Mya Hudgins and all my H.T. students. We are asking God for spiritual blessings and healing for you sweet Mya. Can’t wait to hear all the blessings God has given to you and this precious group. Much love and many blessings.

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