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The Training Continues!

What an incredible day we have had today! This morning, all of the women met together and walked the cross with Walker Moore and one of our team directors, Natasha. This is the same cross that Walker has taken up to Mt. Kilimanjaro back in August 2013. This morning they walked out Luke 9:23 “If anyone wishes to come after Me, he must deny himself, and take up his cross daily and follow me.” As our group split into two groups to carry the cross, pray for the cross to speak to the men tomorrow morning as they walk with the cross.

After a delicious breakfast this morning, Walker Moore encouraged the team to walk under the authority God has placed above us for our protection and direction. We studied John 14:15 where Jesus tells us “If you love Me, you will obey my commands.” When we step out from authority, we step out of our protection and lose our direction on the path He has set for us to travel.  Before lunch, we were encouraged by Kenny (Country Coordinator for Nicaragua) the Awe Factors in which we learned God’s Word helps us to grow deeper, Fellowship helps us to grow closer, Worship makes us stronger, and that Prayer helps us to focus.

This afternoon we geared up for more drama training and the team encouraged each other in fellowship, prayer, and worship all afternoon. Whether it was sunny, cloudy, or with a cool breeze blowing, the team worked incredibly well and worked hard to complete the task of learning the drama together. What an amazing sight to see the team pray for each other before they came back from water breaks and trained some more. Tonight we continue to be encouraged by God’s word in being reminded that we are loved by God just as much as Jesus and we are His favorite child!

We will prepare tomorrow for our last day of training before heading out to Panama City on Thursday! Please pray for the continued unity of the team, continued health, and positive fellowship as we practice the drama all day and pack tomorrow night.

We are so grateful for your wonderful prayers,

Walker Moore & Becky Robinson
Panama 14 Day Country Coordinators

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5 response to The Training Continues!

  • Angela says:

    Sara- love the picture! Sounds like today was a great day. Praying for you. Trenton is on my bus at SMAK and we talked about you today. He loves you. Praying for strength, encouragement, unity, and a growing love relationship with Christ! I love you!!!!
    Mrs. Angela

    Allison- what a great picture of you. Your smile is beautiful. Praying for you as you continue to become the woman that God created you to be. Thank you for being bold and stepping out to follow Christ. I love you!!!
    Mrs. Angela

  • Matt Ball says:

    The Ball’s in Bristow are praying for you and we thank God for all of you. Macy, we love ya girl and we are praying for you. Serve Him with all you’ve got, hun!

  • Randy Sproat says:

    We back here at FBC Lebanon are praying for you as you minister to some of our favorite people. Tell Pastor Luciano that he is in our prayers continually and we love the people of Panama.

  • Shane says:

    Sara- Hey Sara I hope you’re doing well! I’m trudging along back home lifeguarding constantly and I miss you very much. Just keep focused and perform the dramas with all you have. Come back soon!!

  • Kelly Tyre says:

    What an exciting adventure that awaits all of you. Tessa, we can’t wait to hear all of your stories and how God used you in Panama. We are praying for a safe trip tomorrow and for continued health for each of you!
    With Lots of Love,
    Tessa’s Florida Family

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