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The Sovereignty of God

The team streamed over the sidewalks between the buildings at the University of Panama en route to the medical school where students just finishing exams were gathering. Chattering on the steps and picnic tables outside, the medical students welcomed us with curious smiles. Some of them huddled together near the group of oddly dressed foreigners and watched the drama with interest while others looked on from afar. The University of Panama boasts the best medical school in Latin America, and many of the students we met today knew English. God provided some of these as translators, an unexpected blessing. The team engaged with some of the brightest of their peers here in Panama City and many of them accepted the grace that is available to all. 

After almost an hour, those from the medical school drifted away–to class or home or work–hopefully with a new or refreshed heart. The team continued the trek across campus until entering the English building. Inside, the walls gleamed stark white under the florescent lights. A three story building with two aquamarine-colored stair cases created a central space for the drama. The team ate lunch while clusters of students began lining the two stories above us. After the drama, the team broke into teams to talk to students on all three floors, stairs, and lobby. The students practiced their English while the team practiced their Spanish, and through the process God worked on hearts searching for truth.

Although the team intended to walk from the campus straight to a neighborhood, God had other plans. Representatives from the energy drink company Red Bull blared music from loud speakers and passed out muffins and soda to students milling about under ancient trees. This small park was located between the communications buildings and the tall fence topped with barbed wire guarding the university from the street. Red Bull had amassed a number of people in a location perfect for the drama. Thankfully our God has authority over everything, and the Red Bull representatives were happy to work with us. The team performed the drama for a very responsive crowd–the men in this location jumped higher in fear of the dragon than the children from Cinco de Mayo! When speaking to the students after the drama, many decisions were made for Christ. Red Bull has asked Awe Star to bring a team to perform at a soccer match in July, expanding the reach of today’s ministry.

For members of a generation that is searching for honor, truth, and beauty in a world that doesn’t make much sense, the team was able to share the answer.

After three encouraging ministry opportunities on the University of Panama campus, the team crossed the street to a low-income neighborhood. Just outside the entrance, the chief of defense in that area of Panama City happened to run into us! (Once again God’s authority is apparent. Walker has dubbed this man the Lone Ranger.) He led us through the rivers of sour-smelling sewage and between the tightly built shacks to a concrete soccer field/basketball court. With adults peeking out of barred windows and children giggling in groups up close to the action, the team performed the drama. In conversation afterwards, some turned their hearts to God. The team spent another hour playing with the kids and chatting with the adults. Seeds were planted and we look forward to working in this neighborhood in the future. 

Tomorrow the team heads to the rainforest region of Gamboa to build relationships with the people there and encourage the cause of Christ. We will stay in a village called San Antonio and will visit two neighboring villages. Please pray for boldness and tenderness in the hearts of the team, as well as openness and curiosity in the villagers. 

We look forward to updating you upon our return Saturday. 

In awe of God,

Steph and Daniel


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4 response to The Sovereignty of God

  • Marti Pieper says:

    I love it when He shows Himself strong. And I’m loving these reports, too! Continuing to lift you before Him. Above all, love!

  • Chad Thompson says:

    What an amazing day. God’s supernatural control is so evident. Such an encouragement.

  • Amy Bruns says:

    What a wonderful report! Also love seeing the pictures! We are praying for you all daily! Keep up the great work! Love to all! Jeremy & Amy

  • Francie Medford says:

    Remember, God has gone before you…and has prepared the way. May you all be refreshed, physically & spiritually, ready to continue sharing Christ with all. We love these posts and pictures, they confirm prayers are being answered!!

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