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The Promise of the Holy Spirit

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Greetings Everyone!

Today was a great day of ministry. We knew we had quite a drive this morning, so we awoke ready to head to another city area and do Jesus’ ministry. Moenge (pronounced Mongo) is a city about two hours from where we are based in the city.

When we arrived, we met up with a church and some of its members to share a meal and get ready to go out. They fed us well with fried rice and roasted chicken. We were blessed with some soda and feeling pumped about the ministry ahead.

The first site they took us to was a neighborhood with a random stage in the center. The group went out in the pouring rain to invite people to come to the drama. Thankfully the rain stopped and people showed up. We estimate around 150 people there to watch. Our team is doing so well at engaging the culture and making sure they feel like a part of the drama. The students literally had the children in the middle of the drama. They were jumping over the children and making them laugh as well as scaring them at the appropriate times. Afterwards, the students talked to big groups. One student was talking to a group and noticed that a guy kept gradually coming closer and listening. When the invitation of a relationship with Jesus was given, this man was the first to raise his hand. The Holy Spirit was drawing him in and there was a divine encounter. The Bible teaches that we will be washed with the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:5), and this man as well as many others were.

At the second site, we went to a local soccer field. Many young men were there already playing and more gathered soon afterward. The rain is now becoming a part of the drama for us, but we are thankful that the crowd doesn’t scatter when it comes. One of the student teams went to talk to a group of young woman. After sharing the gospel, one girl was very eager to accept Christ. After talking with our student more, she confessed that her father had beaten her. Our student encouraged her by saying that we have a Heavenly Father who loves us and has adopted her into His family. The girl was grateful, and our student continued by adding that when Jesus was on the cross, he said, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” And just as they didn’t understand, the girl’s father is living in blindness, too. They told her to keep praying for her father. She received a tract and began reading right away. She asked for more so she could share with her friends. She knew the Good News and wanted to share it with everyone! This girl left as a changed girl!

We then traveled back to the church where we had lunch for a combined service. We will be able to present the drama for different churches in the area and then hear a message before making our long journey back to the Bible School.

Praise God for His faithfulness to answer our prayers of full ministry. Continue to intercede on our behalf for ministry to be full and focus to remain on Him. Tomorrow we start early by heading to a church service so pray for great rest.

With Love,

Chad and Danielle

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