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The Power of Prayer

Greetings from Huamachuco. Today we began drama ministry and the Lord did mighty things. The Lord has blessed us with energy and unity, which makes ministry very effective. Today we did the drama in some different schools and were able to love on the children, and then we did our last drama in the Plaza. There are so many stories that we could share from the ministry that took place today. 

Yesterday we prayer walked through the plaza and did some ministry there without the drama. This was an amazing time and many people surrendered their hearts to the Lord. One group spoke with a woman about the saving grace of Christ, but she was not ready to make a commitment to Him. However, the Lord did an amazing work and another group saw this same woman today. They began to speak with her and she gave her life to Christ! This is a testimony of how God answers prayers and softens hearts! The seed was planted yesterday and today we were able to reap the harvest. Praise the Lord!

The Lord has been at work in this team and it is evident that He answers prayers. Because of this, we want to say thank you for all of the prayers you have been offering up to the Lord. He is definitely answering them, and we ask that you continue to pray for this team and the hearts of the people that will hear the gospel.

– Tanner and Amy 

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8 response to The Power of Prayer

  • Mistie Roberts says:

    Wow I was really praying hard this morning that The Lord would give y’all good rest and energy and unity! So blown away by how great our God is! Nothing is impossible through him! and when you shall receive 🙂 we limit God sometimes and put him in a box and just forget what he is capable of doing! So humbled by our creator & savior!!! Makes me so happy to hear how you all are being the hands and feet and mouth of Jesus to bring souls to the kingdom 🙂 so proud of you ALL!!
    Tanner & Mal miss you soon much! We are so very proud of you being a servant for Christ and getting out of your comfort zone to get your hands & feet dirty for Christ! What a blessing.
    LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! Mom & Dad

  • Tami Ragan says:

    Dylan, Granny Joy an Papa Hugh says this is amazing,wish people I this country was as eager to hear the Gosplel. Love you an praying for you all so proud of your commitment.

  • Karen Smith says:

    We’re so thankful for all God is doing through you guys in Huamachuco! One day in heaven, it will be amazing to see the harvest that continues from the many seeds you are planting in Peru 🙂 He is so gracious to allow you to be seed planters and harvesters too on this trip. We’re praying for more opportunities tomorrow!
    Tyler, we love you! Mom & Dad

  • Jeanie McSherry says:

    Wow what amazing testimonies!!!! So thankful God is guiding your every step and that hearts are open to what He wants them to hear. How cold is it there? Praying for warmth, energy, unity and most of all for God to be Glorified in all that you do! Please post more pictures. I saw a couple from Meredith on Facebook and it looks amazing there. Malachi I love you so much! Keep Shining Bright For Jesus!!!

  • Amy Bruns says:

    Jared, it was so good to hear your voice last Sunday! We all miss you so much! I’m glad you are getting to play soccer! We want to see more pictures!!! I hope you are taking plenty of your own. Just one week left… seems like it has been forever since we dropped you off in Dallas! We’re so proud of you! Keep up the good ministry and we’ll see you soon! Love, Mom, Dad, & Abbey

  • Chad Thompson says:

    So amazing to hear about all that God is doing. I am so proud of this team. Can’t wait to hear even more stories of how lives have been miraculously changed

  • Stephanie Stoll says:

    So glad to hear that you made it to Huamachuco safely! It looks sooo cold there! Bundle up!! We continue to pray for you Madelyn, and your team. This mission is almost done, so finish strong! I love you and miss you, can’t wait to see you soon!

  • Kacey Krupp says:

    Rachael, Hannah, Dylan, and Razi, I miss you guys and am so proud of each of you! change the world!

    Pockets, I miss you.
    God is so good.
    He is so beautiful, and His love and mercy take my breath away.
    Delight yourself in Him, dearest.
    Learn to cling to Him during the time you have left, and enjoy the rest of your trip.
    Be still, and Know Him.
    Live your life in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ.
    Doesn’t that sound like a heavy thing to take on?
    But we can do all things through Christ who gives us strength.
    We must stand strong in His strength.
    Cling to Him, as well as integrity, truth, purity, and the righteousness He has given us.
    No matter what testings and trials are thrown at us.
    No matter how painful, or how dark our circumstances get.
    And then, when and where He leads, we must follow.
    No turning back.

    But my dear, you already know these things(;
    I just encourage you to do the things you know.
    I love you so very much, and cannot wait to see your beautiful face!
    change the world.

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