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The Old Has Gone, The New Has Come

Tonight, as we performed the drama, rejoiced, and fellowshipped with the church, we thanked God for 2012 and prayed for 2013.  There is nothing that compares to bringing in the New Year like Jesus Ministry, like seeing the Lord of the harvest pass away the old and embrace the new.


Today, Salvation was found on aisle fifteen. Team Negras saw the Lord move once again in a supermarket. As the students were performing the drama, the crowd grew in multitudes. When the presentation was finished, tears filled the eyes of many, even an employee’s. An invitation was given and the employee came forward. Our students surrounded her. She cried and gave her heart to the everlasting Father. She found what she was missing. The Lord rid her of her old life and created her a new today. As she accepted Christ into her life, another woman came forward with one simple request. Prayer.  She asked for prayer for her two children who have AIDS. Will you join us in lifting up the supermarket employee and these two children?


Team Piedras had a great day today, God moved in a mighty way. As our vans pulled up to this yellow building the students began to attempt to read the black writing on the building. It was a drug was a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. The students walked down the steps, through the building, into a courtyard they had prepared for us. As we watched the men make the way to the prepared seats we noticed some appeared to be the age of some of the students. However they looked much different; many had tattoos, and piercings, you could tell by their faces that many had experienced more in their young life than most. The students presented the drama to the attentive crowd. When it came to the end one of the leaders knew God was calling him to share his story with these men. He took the microphone and began to share his story of how his old life was full of drugs and alcohol and God rescued him and gave him a new life in Jesus Christ. The students went out and shared boldly to the men who almost all came to accept Christ and began their new life. Many of the men at the center approached the leader and asked, “How did you change? We want to have a new life and follow Christ like you.” What a great reminder of how a changed life changes lives. The students also prayed for a miracle to happen for a man’s leg to be healed. Please join us in calling out to the great physician for this man leg to be healed.


We have countless more stories and many more to come New Year’s day. Our hearts yearn to share His Hope and share of the great things He has done. Tomorrow will fight the good fight. Please pray that the team would finish strong, for continued focus, for boldness, for continued health, and for more divine encounters.


 All praise belongs to Him who gives new life!

Zach Smith

Gerri Smith

Mike Lehew

Meridith Ingram

Walker Moore



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4 response to The Old Has Gone, The New Has Come

  • Marti Pieper says:

    The intensity of the battle leads me to believe greater things are yet to come and greater things are still to be done in this city! Praying for you all as you finish well. Thanks for keeping us updated!

  • Louise says:

    Wow. To God be ALL the Glory! I don’t even know how to respond to all of the beautiful testimonies. I love the opportunity and prayer requests sent to us here about the children with Aids and the man who needs divine intervention for healing for his leg. Thank you for allowing us that opportunity to pray for them in addition to praying for all of you. I think today will hold more testimonies and the leading of more people to Christ than any day you have been there! I’m praying for all of you. We love and miss you Morgan.

  • Tanner Roberts says:

    I am continually filled with joy as I read these posts! It is amazing to hear the wonderful stories of God’s sovereignty and majesty! I am also blessed to hear the power in the young Leader’s testimony; I too have been touched by his story and thank God for his servant’s heart! I pray that The Lord will continue to give you all courage to proclaim the name of Jesus with boldness and that he will fill you with the Holy Spirit!! I love you all and am excited to hear all your stories when you return!!!!:)

  • CarolHedrick says:

    Our teams crossed the Mexico border around 4:50 am and are headed home. Please pray for traveling mercies. The Lord has done amazing works in and through these missionaries!!!

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