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The Old has Gone and the New has Come!

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After the team woke up and had their quiet times and breakfast, we all loaded up to have ministry in the prison. We were originally supposed to go yesterday, but the director of the prison called us and invited us to come today because there would be more people there visiting their families.

Team Feliz went into the women’s side of the prison. We presented the drama out on a court. During the drama it started to rain and the temperature was cold. So after the drama we invited everyone to go inside the church to get out of the rain and cold. Inside the church we presented the gospel, and almost the whole room of around 30 people stood, saying they wanted to receive Christ. The girls on the team then prayed with the ladies in the room. After we were done praying with them, the girls were presented the unique opportunity of being able to enter the living quarters of the ladies in the prison. The prisons here are much different than the ones back home. Several of the women raise their children in the jail from newborn to three years of age. We met two ladies, both named Mary. One hasn’t seen her son for 10 years due to her time in prison. The other Mary has six children. They are all scattered in different cities due to her being in jail. She is every worried about the safety of her children. Please be in prayer for these ladies.

Team Navidad got to share the drama on the men’s side of the prison. After a flawless drama orchestrated by God, we had an altar call with 27 salvations.

One story that affected all of us on team Navidad involved a girl named Samantha who was visiting her dad. She watched the drama alone while her parents visited in the visiting section. Samantha heard the message and wanted to accept Christ. She was actually the first person among all the men to raise her hand to accept Christ and actually started a movement. Before we began the prayer, we watched her as she ran over to her dad and started tugging on his shirt. She wanted her dad to hear the prayer. She wanted her dad to change, and God was starting that change with her. Her dad refused to come over, so without realizing she was about to miss out on a salvation prayer, she ran back over to pray. As we gathered our soon-to-be new believers in a circle where our students could place their hands on them, Samantha’s mom came over and grabbed her out of the middle of the circle. This was heartbreaking for Samantha and heartbreaking for us to watch. After we finished ministry with the men, we asked one of our guides and local pastors about what had occurred. He then proceeded to go share the gospel with the family. Samantha accepted Christ, and seeds were planted in the rest of the family.

After we left the prisons, both teams came back and changed clothes to go out experience the culture by shopping and eating out. The students had fun experiencing the culture and buying some cultural items. When they came back, they spent some time fellowshipping with each other before we got ready to go spend New Year’s with one of the churches we are working with.

We wish all of you a very happy New Year! Please continue to pray for us as we are near the end of our time here for continued ministry, continued health, and safe travels home.

Happy New Year,

Gerri & David

Haley & Colby

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