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The Name of Jesus is Power

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Hello friends and family!
Today was a wonderful first day back in the city! We started off with a nice meal of breakfast sandwiches with a nice glass of tea to top it off. Then we spent some time conversing on the wonderful quiet time written by the lovely Mrs. Pieper and discussing our superhero attributes.

After breakfast we headed to the city where we had the opportunity to do three dramas at different points.

At the first drama site we had the opportunity to do a performance outside of a store. Tons of people gathered to watch and film. After the drama, some of the students got the chance to talk to a group of high school students about the Gospel. While they said they were believers, they mentioned that going to church was hard for them because they still sin so much. Then, they got to pray for them as they continue in their studies. Join us in prayer for them to return to a body of believers and experience true forgiveness. Another student got to talk to an ice cream vendor who watched the entire drama. He prayed to receive Christ! We also talked with several people who are already Christians and got to encourage them.

At the second site, one of the students got to talk to a person of the Hindu religion. The student allowed the Lord to speak through them and present the Gospel clearly, and the man accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior. It was made known to him that Jesus was the bread of life. What an encouragement!

At the last site for the day, God brought a much smaller crowd than at the other two. It was such a great reminder to the whole team that we do everything for an audience of One. Whether we are doing the drama for five people or 500 people, we will do it all for the glory of God! A student talked to a man who had never heard the name of Jesus but after learning, he prayed to receive Christ. There is power in the name of Jesus, and He brings people exactly where they need to be at the perfect time. Our translator was able to tell him where he could find a church and get a Bible.

Please continue to pray as we continue to do the Lord’s work in the city tomorrow!

Grace and Peace to you,
Tyler & Crystal

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