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The Messengers


We started off our day by focusing on why we are here and why we do our drama. We did this by performing our drama for an audience of One. Instead of going to a public place or drawing in a crowd. we set our stage in front of our apartment and performed the drama as an act of worship and for God alone. This is a good reminder of why we are here and a reminder that every drama that we perform should be done as an act of worship for only God.

This afternoon we had the privilege of traveling to an orphanage to share the drama with the children there. This orphanage was not very big, but we still were overjoyed to share and play with the children. After we went to this orphanage we were invited to a church youth event by the guys we met in the coffee shop earlier this week. We were so encouraged to get to worship the Lord with many other youth in English and then sit under teaching with them. After the main portion of the service we were allowed to share our drama with them as well. The people there were so impacted by the drama, and three youth came to accept Christ!

Tomorrow is one of the last days of scheduled ministry that we have in Ethiopia. Please pray for great opportunities and for the Lord to move.

Country Coordinators
Jesse and Danielle

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2 response to The Messengers

  • Cheryl Tenbrook says:

    Hi Kati & mission team. I have been praying for you and am so excited to read all that God is doing. Kati, I miss you and am looking forward to hearing all about your experience. Finish strong!

  • Jason Tanner says:

    What a special time to do the drama for an audience of ONE! You all have worked very hard to spread the Gospel in a land that desperatly needs to hear and understand the truth. So I say, good job faithful servants! I can only imagine how pleased the Lord is with each of you. We are so proud of your continued obedience, although I’m sure it has not always been easy! Tiffani and Trevor – Can’t wait to see you in just 1 week. I know that God has done such an amazing work in your lives these last few weeks and we can’t wait to hear all about it. We are very proud of you and continue to pray for you constantly! Stay focused and finish your work there with joyful hearts. We love you very much! Hannah, Mya, Razi, Kati – We are so excited to hear all the things that God has done! We will see you in 1 short week from today! So proud of each of you! Keep pushing and finish well.
    Love, Dad – Mr Jason

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