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The Last Supper

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With the rolling mountains on one side and the tall skyscrapers on the other, the team started their day off with an early morning hike up “Ancon Hill.” It was wonderful to see the views of Panama City and the Panama Canal from the top of the hill. After the hike we came back for breakfast and a short rest. With our bodies energized and rested we moved out for our last day of ministry. Because of Panama’s temperatures on the rather warm end of the charts, we decided to do ministry a little differently today. Instead of doing drama ministry, in which we would have to wear hot costumes that would have surly wore us out, we decided to go out in shorts and T-shirts. We did not do the drama but instead spent our time prayer-walking on Cinco de Mayo. Though we had set out to walk and pray, there was not much time for either: as it was clear that God was working. The students went out in all boldness and were sharing the Gospel with anyone they came in contact with. They did not hesitate to walk up to a store owner or a passerby and tell them of what God has done. We were so blessed to be a part of Jesus’ ministry to day on Cinco de Mayo! God moved in mighty ways and many were saved! We then went to the “Indian Market” to finish up souvenir shopping. Finally, having done all our shopping we made our way to Casa Blanca. Upon arrival, we ate a delicious dinner and split off into our “Man Up” and “Reign On” bible studies.

We thank you again for allowing God to use your students in Panama. It has been such a joy to get to know your students. The students are sad to leave Panama, but excited to return home. God worked in mighty ways this trip, both in the students’ lives and in the lives of many who live here.

For a quick side note: students not being picked up on Friday night, when we arrive, will be able to call home Saturday morning.

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