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The Joy of the Lord

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The Lord continues to amaze us by giving us more joy every day. Our team has been constantly growing in unity which allows us to be better ministers of the gospel. The Bible says that they will know we are his disciples by the love we have for one another and we are seeing this reign true. Today we did the drama in a small park area where very few people were present. However, after engaging with the people in the surrounding areas and asking them to come watch, we soon had a good size crowd and the Lord was at work. Two people at this site spoke English which opened up the opportunity for us to share the gospel with them and to encourage them to follow Christ. One of them was a Catholic but was very open to what we had to say. Please pray that the Lord will water the seeds that were planted and that He would open this woman’s eyes to see and to follow the truth.

At another site, we met a woman who worked at a large church in the area. She asked us to come and do the drama at her church, which presented the opportunity for more ministry! At this same site, a group of us were able to talk to two young men and teach them about the cost of following Christ. After the conversation, these two young men asked Jesus to come and be in their hearts. Praise the Lord that He is opening hearts and changing lives!

As the day progressed, our team continued to get more joyful. At our last drama site, we were engaging with the people and our joy spread through the crowd. The Spirit was definitely moving at this site, and we were walking in power. One student expressed how amazing it was that she was able to have a full conversation with a lady even though one was speaking English and the other was speaking Spanish. She said that they both understood each other very well and were able to say all that they wanted to say. Some of us were actually praying today that they Lord would move among us and allow us to communicate better with the Peruvian people. The Lord heard our prayers and his Spirit took over! At this same site, another student experienced the power of the Holy Spirit as he was able to share the gospel in a way he had never shared it before and was able to truly impact someone’s life. The Lord is definitely answering prayers and allowing us to walk in His authority and power.

We do not have very many days of drama ministry left so please continue to pray that we will pour ourselves out. Also be praying for people of peace in the bus stations and airports as we travel. We know that the Lord is faithful and He will provide for us so we are not worried about this, but please keep us in your prayers.


–          Tanner and Cherish

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response to The Joy of the Lord

  • Lesa Neese says:

    Beautiful Team Peru–we do share your joy in the changed lives you have been able to touch and record on your prayer list as you begin a time of preparing to come back our way—how missed you are–We know your journey is still in full swing and our prayers for you will be as well–

    Tanner, Cherish, Tyler and Meredith–please know how grateful we are as families for your leadership—there was peace from the beginning that even though you were strangers your were our kin that were faithful and committed in growing your Peru family and guiding and leading through His wisdom–we cherish your teaching, your example, your guidance, your discipleship, your prayers, your love for God’s people, your time—Thank you for being willing and committed to allow Christ to work through each and every family member using their unique talents–it is hard to let go when so much is at stake–and so again, thank you for your faith–it carried our kiddos, it taught and grew them well, and it is celebrated in the growth of God’s family through the many lives that have been changed–theirs included, I am guessing they will never be the same–with our deepest gratitude we thank you-

    Based on the gift they have received, everyone should use it to serve others as good managers of the varied grace of God—1 Peter 4:10

    Rendi–we continue to celebrate with you as you are able to be a part of sharing the gospel and touch and be touch by God’s people–I was able to share pictures and read the blogs to Grammy B and she could hardly contain herself and had her own time of praising God for the lives that have found him and for you, her granddaughter, that loves and seeks to serve Christ–it was a sweet JOY that again crossed over the boarders–we cant’ wait to hold and hug you–

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