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The Journey Never Ends

Both teams woke up this morning eager for another day of ministry. After breakfast, Team Amor loaded up to go to the prison, while Team Esperanza spent some much needed time in worship before heading out.

Team Esperanza went to a pulga (flea market) and presented the drama several times. God moved in mighty ways. A few of the students went and talked to a lady who was selling things out of the back of her van. As they began to share the gospel, the lady knew what the students were telling her was very important. It was so important to her she turned away costumers so nothing would distract her. By the time they were done sharing the gospel she had tears in her eyes, and she prayed to except Christ.

Team Amor had the opportunity to minister in the prison today. Oh how the Lord moved! We first presented on the far side of the prison to a group of men inmates. It was incredible to watch the Holy Spirit work on their hearts as the drama went on. One of our guy students gave a powerful net. Many men raised their hands, came to the front, prayed and asked Jesus to be their Lord and Savior! Then we headed to another area of the men’s side of the prison and presented the drama again. More and more men came and watched as the drama unfolded. Another one of our guy students gave the net. Oh how the Lord spoke through him! Many men came forward and surrendered their life to Christ! Finally we headed to the women’s side. The girls began to engage with the women and pour out love. It was such a blessing seeing the Lord move in their hearts. it definitely showed on their faces. One of our girl students gave such a passionate net. A group of nearly ten women came and surrendered their life to Christ. The student who gave the net then began to pour into the women their worth, value, identity, and beauty in Christ. Tears began to flow as the truth began to resonate even deeper in their hearts. What a divine encounter! Chains were broken today! We are so humbled!

This afternoon we all went to the market and shopped. What fun afternoon it was engaging in Mexican culture. This evening the team began debriefing and learned how to tell their stories. As it is very hard and sad for the team to say goodbye, they are looking forward to continuing to minister at home and sharing all the great things God has done.

Tonight we had a beautiful last supper with the church. Such sweet fellowship! Many tears were shed and many hug given. What a blessing it was rejoicing with them one last time.

Thank you for your steadfastness in prayer for us this week. Oh how the Lord has answered them! Please be praying for safety as we travel home soon and for the Lord to continue to develop the students ability to express what the Lord has done this week.

By His Grace,

Walker, Mike, Gerri, Rex and Meridith


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