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The Journey Continues

As the teams awoke this morning it was a biter sweet day. All were so excited to get back out and do ministry, but in the back of our minds we knew soon we would be packing up to head home. After a nice breakfast the teams loaded up to have another day of Jesus Ministry.

One of the teams went into an area where a new mission is going to be started. As the team went out to invite, a crowd of young children followed them. They were so excited to see what would happen. Soon followed their parents to see why their kids were so excited. Let me tell you what happened, Salvation! Many of the mothers came to know Christ. Ooo how our God reigns!!!

The other team got to spend some time engageing with the culture as they helped a group of children make kites. Joy filled the students and the childrens faces as they were able to spend some time together. For the last drama of the week both teams came together as one sat and watched the other presented. At the end it was a sight to see as Americans flooded the street making sure every one was spoken to. Once again salvation reigned!

Soon we will start the long trip home, but the journey continues. You see just because we leave here doesn’t mean we stop sharing. So please be in prayer as we travel tomorrow that we would have a safe trip and that we would continue to see people as Christ sees them and share Christ’s love with them. Please also pray that as we return to school, work and to our families we would continue to share the love of Christ with everyone. We look forward to returning home and sharing with you the great things God has done here in Piedras Negras!

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