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Ten out of Ten

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Good Evening!

It has been a whirlwind of a past few days! Tuesday afternoon was spent in sweet fellowship with one another and with people of the church. Our MOMs and POPs led our students in breakouts on our ReignOn and ManUp teaching. We are proud of the way each of our students is stepping up and seeking hard after Jesus to learn how to become the men and women of God that he has called us to be.

That evening, the church in Chitre held a prayer service. We joined them on our knees, praying for the town of Chitre and asking God to move and speak revival into the city. It was humbling to watch the church members and pastor weep over the people of their town and over the goodness of God. After a lively time of worship, they prayed over our team, asking God to continue to bless our ministry here in Panama. They gave each of us a memento of our time: the flag for the area of Chitre. They also celebrated us with cake! We were so blessed by our time in Chitre.

The next morning was very bittersweet as we prepared to leave this wonderful church. Our students asked to gather in prayer over the pastor and his family, which was such a blessing. We stood in prayer and asked God to continue to work as we left, to continue to change lives, and to grow all the new believers and seeds that were planted.

After this, we left to head back to Panama City. First, however, we got the opportunity to stop in the city of Aguadulce. We ate our traditional lunch of peanut butter and jelly and then had the opportunity to go to a high school. This was our first school of our time here in Panama, so the students were excited because most of them are the same age as these students. We performed three dramas for different groups of students. Although our students were tired, they diligently performed the ministry that God has called them to. We loved the joy they had in sharing the gospel with these high school students, many of whom we saw surrender their lives to follow Jesus! Gracias Jesus!

Once finished with ministry at this school, we left for Panama City. Traveling can tire students, but we are grateful to have a team of students who love one another like a family and can still serve one another even when they’re tired. Praise the Lord, we were given a day today just to rest and recuperate. We gave them extra time to sleep in and spend time in the Word this morning before we headed out to Albrook Mall for some delicious lunch. We also took the students to go watch Cars 3! However, it was in Spanish and had no English subtitles. So most of our students did not know what was going on but still stayed to experience a movie in another language.

Tonight the students are sharing stories with one another of what God is doing in their lives. It is so encouraging to sit and listen to them speak on the things God has already done in their lives over the past week here in Panama. Several of them shared stories of the Lord convicting them of sin in their lives or things they needed to lay down to fully follow Christ. We are grateful for a God who chooses us in spite of our imperfections.

Tomorrow the team heads to Felipillo for a day of ministry! We are excited to work with Pastor Paz in the morning and hopefully do some ministry here in Panama City in the afternoon. Please pray for the students. We don’t want the enemy to get in with discouragement or homesickness or anything so please pray against that. Pray for our students to share the gospel with full confidence in Christ and not in themselves. Pray for strength, hydration and focus! Pray for the students’ personal relationships with Christ, that they might have a stronger desire for the Word, prayer and worship. Pray that they grow in the knowledge of our Savior so that they can pour out this knowledge with the Panamanians. God is doing great things in Panama!

Your Country Coordinators,

Melanie & Razi

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response to Ten out of Ten

  • Claudia Ramirez says:

    We are praying for all of you. So excited to read of all the wonderful things happening in Panama. May our Lord continue protecting the team and continue creating those divine encounters. Thank you all for giving up a big part of your summer.

    We love you, Raziel. So, so blessed to have a son with such a heart for the Lord’s will. You truly are a blessing for me. I am very proud of being your Mom. ¡Te quiero muchisimo!

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