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God Provided Mightily


723 new souls responded the first week as we showed the Jesus Film in the villages. Muslims are very present and the response does seem to be influenced by the strength of the Muslims in the area. During the day, we worked with 50 pastors and went out at night. The we went 8 hours to the north to Mugumu and went from Village to village. There were about 40 of us the 2nd Week and over 5,000 people accepted Jesus as their Savior. The next week, 4 of us held 3 different seminiars during the day with pastors and wives and went out at night to the Jesus Film. In Mtwara and Lindy, the Muslim presence is very strong and the numbers were less. Yet over 8K people responded to Christ.

Obviously, the Follow-up and the Church Planting is key to growth. We are extremely excited about the harvest, but we stressed to all the pastors the extreme need to follow up and the absolute importance to going out to the remote homesites that we walked to in order to get these new converts into church. Please pray with us as Tanzania is going through struggles. **We had just gotten there when on the Tanzanian island of Zanzibar, the Muslims blew up a church and declared all churches banned. The government historically does virtually nothing to control such behavior. Many, many churches are commonly burned down on Zanzibar with virtually no repercussions to the offenders.

That is why we were working with the Pastors. They need support and encouragement. Many are not trained, they are just passionate followers who have stepped into the empty role left by another. It was our joy to go, but we are so grateful for your prayers. Thanks also to Walker and the AweStar Team for their support of us and allowing this Blog to display the joy of New Life coming to Tanzania. — Pastor Larry Pittman

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We are so grateful for the many ways you have already supported this group of student missionaries. Bathed in prayer, they will do incredible things for our Creator. They will return with many stories of the ways God touched hearts and changed lives—including their own.

Kenny Hindenburg

Manager of Ministry &  Multimedia