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And we’re off to the village

panama city

The team had a great last day of city ministry this afternoon.  We went to one of Panama City’s largest parks, and it was crowded with many families playing.  We were able to perform the drama twice, and each time had a great crowd of people.  Specifically, there were two young men sitting on skateboards intently watching the drama.  Afterwards, one of our ministry teams felt lead to talk with the men.  They were very receiving to the truth of the Gospel, and accepted Christ!  We also had the opportunity to go back to our bus driver’s neighborhood, and perform the drama outside of the building he has a small Bible Study in.  We have been very thankful and blessed to be in his community.

Tonight we are getting some great teaching from Walker, and will be preparing for our travel to Gamboa tomorrow.  This will be the last update until Tuesday as we will not have Internet connection in the jungle.  Please continue to pray for our team as we do Jesus Ministry.  We look forward to telling you what great things God does in the village.

Meagann Earnhardt

What a day it has been!

After a wonderful night’s sleep, we enjoyed a home-cooked breakfast by Tia Mirna, our adopted Panamanian aunt.

We began ministry today with the mindset that we get to serve God today and it is an incredible honor and joy to serve Him!

We had the opportunity to do ministry this morning in a school in the suburbs of Panama City. Little did we know that our stage would be much smaller than usual. But that was no problem. The team adapted and interacted with the crowd very well. We were able to present the gospel through the drama with middle school teens. This was a great opportunity for the team because many of the kids spoke English, and that made sharing the gospel easier for them. Additionally, they did very well in relating to them, and a number of the students prayed to received Christ and expressed their desire to know more.

After our team finished ministering to the students, we packed up all of our equipment, thinking that it was time to leave. However, that was not the case. We got to perform the drama once more, this time to high school students. After we finished the gospel presentation, many students came forward to talk with our team and expressed a desire to know more about what it means to follow Christ. One person on our team got the opportunity to talk with a student who is a Buddhist. He did not trust Christ to be his Savior today, but he heard the gospel, and God’s Word does not return void! So please pray for this student that God will shine the truth of the gospel in his heart and he will come to the saving knowledge of Jesus.

After taking a break and eating a hearty lunch of PB&Js, we were able to go into another school. It is such a joy to be able to go into school and present the good news of Jesus! At this school our team was able to talk to many students about Christ.

We ended today’s ministry by walking through the bustling street called Cinco De Mayo. We performed the drama in front of a cathedral at the end of the street. It is a common area for homeless people and various vendors. It can be a dark place, but our team did a great job of getting out of the way and letting God shine His light through them.

This evening, we worshipped, prayed, talked about what God is teaching us, and got into the Word. To put it simply, we had a great evening drawing closer to God together.

Thank you so much for all of the prayers! Please keep praying! Our God is the God who saves and nothing is too tough for Him. Let us cry out to Him that He will do a great work in us and through us here in Panama.

Please pray for:
-Continued good health
-Continued unity within the team
-The people who trusted Christ today
-That God would continue to give us divine encounters
-And most of all that God would receive all the glory!

Thank you so much for praying for us and with us!

To God alone be the glory,

Philip Tallman and Meagann Earnhardt
Country Coordinators