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What a Day of Worship!

jesus praise

We are so thankful that we serve such a great and awesome God who is sovereign!

After a good night’s sleep Monday night, we began Tuesday with a time of worship led by Marc and by one of our translators, Selegna. She taught us a couple of songs in Spanish to worship to. It helped prepared our hearts and minds for a great day of worshiping God through ministry.

Our first ministry site was a school located in an area that is known for drug influence. We did not have permission ahead of time, but we prayed that the principal would be open to let us come share the gospel. She was more than willing to allow us the opportunity to perform the drama for the young students. We shared our joy for Christ and love for the children by dancing and playing with them! Many of the students understood the message and expressed a desire to know Christ. We are very thankful there is a Pastor who visits the school weekly to follow up with discipleship.

The Lord provided the opportunity to go to another school. We were given only a small amount of time to perform the drama before a soccer scrimmage began. There were students eating lunch, practicing dance and soccer. However, when the drama started, they seemed to stop and pay attention to the gospel presentation. We were thankful we had time to go out in our ministry teams and talk with many of the students. We praise God that we saw some of them come to saving faith in Christ!

We were able to take a break and eat a wonderful meal of PB&Js before heading back to the school performed at first. This time we were able to share Christ with students younger than the first group. After seeing the drama they really expressed NOT liking the Dragon, but they cheered the Good Prince as he fought off the Dragon! When we asked the children, “Who was the Good Prince?” they replied, “Jesus!” Praise God for opening the eyes of even these small children!

For our final drama site we went to an area that was surrounded by 3 apartment buildings. We were able to set up the drama right in the middle of the 3 buildings. These apartments housed many of the parents of the children we ministered to at the school in the morning and afternoon. The area was run-down and we were told it had quite a bit of drug activity. We were watchful and  prayed specifically for God to bring the people down from their apartments to watch the drama. And God used us! People watched the drama from all over the place. They were watching from the street, the windows of their apartments, and even from the roofs of the apartment buildings. We definitely had some divine encounters. One of our students got the joy of leading her first person to Christ! Our hope and prayer is that they will grow in the grace of God as they begin their new life!

We spent the evening diving deep into the Word and seeing who we are called to be in Christ. This caused us to overflow with worship and pray for another. It was a very sweet and rich time of growing closer to God and to each other!

Thank you so much for all of your continued prayer! We are so thankful for you!

Please pray for:

-Continued good health and among our translators
-Continued unity within the team
-The people who trusted Christ as Savior today
-That God would continue to give us divine encounters
-And most of all, that God would receive all the glory!

To God alone be the glory!

Philip Tallman and Meagann Earnhardt
Country Coordinators