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And we’re off to the village

internet connection

The team had a great last day of city ministry this afternoon.  We went to one of Panama City’s largest parks, and it was crowded with many families playing.  We were able to perform the drama twice, and each time had a great crowd of people.  Specifically, there were two young men sitting on skateboards intently watching the drama.  Afterwards, one of our ministry teams felt lead to talk with the men.  They were very receiving to the truth of the Gospel, and accepted Christ!  We also had the opportunity to go back to our bus driver’s neighborhood, and perform the drama outside of the building he has a small Bible Study in.  We have been very thankful and blessed to be in his community.

Tonight we are getting some great teaching from Walker, and will be preparing for our travel to Gamboa tomorrow.  This will be the last update until Tuesday as we will not have Internet connection in the jungle.  Please continue to pray for our team as we do Jesus Ministry.  We look forward to telling you what great things God does in the village.

Meagann Earnhardt