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Sweet Saturday

Dear friends and family!!

Today was another incredible day of Jesus’ Ministry, as we were blessed to see shouts and tears of joy accompany salvation. In fact, today was special because we chose to elevate two students to leadership for the day. Their responsibilities included leading the team to and from drama sites, monitoring the collective morale, and ensuring the team’s safety. The leaders-for-a-day performed exceptionally well, exceeding all expectations. These two did an especially good job pouring into the students on our team. We are excited to see what God will do in these students’ lives as they continue to grow into young leaders.

This morning, one of our students had the opportunity to minister to a family with their young children in a plaza. She was able to explain the gospel story well, and soon the people were eager to accept Christ into their hearts. As she began to pray with the family, they all repeated the prayer of salvation; however, one little girl in particular was shouting at the top of her lungs each word of the prayer, ecstatic to invite her savior into her heart. This uplifting story was a blessing to our student because God was and is using her in incredible ways.

This afternoon, in yet another plaza, we were reminded of the quiet time from this morning which taught of the importance of encouraging the body of Christ. As one of our students ministered to an older gentleman, the man began to share his broken heart. In the past, the man had been let down and hurt by some members of his church. This heartache had caused him to doubt God’s design for the church and God himself. As the student shared her heart and encouraged him, his hardened heart melted; he began to regain trust in the Word and people of God. Because of our student’s obedience, God used us to show this man how the body of Christ loves and encourages each member.

Please pray for continued good health, sweet rest, and joyful spirits as we continue to do the works of Him who sent us.

Your Team Directors,

Karen and Craig

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