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“So then faith comes by hearing”…

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Buenas Noches!

After breakfast this morning we headed off to one of the largest markets here in Nuevo Laredo. Winding through the narrow walkways crowded with customers and venders, we made our way to an opening in the middle of the market to perform the drama. As the shoppers walked past us they would stop and watch with intrigue as we set up. Children gathered in the front while the adults gathered all around the sides ready to see what these students would do. After the invitation was given, several surrendered their lives to Jesus Christ! Across the opening there was a lady selling clothes. She could not leave her stand to come watch the drama however, she was able to hear the whole narration and invitation. From simply hearing the truth she wanted to accept Christ as her personal Lord and Savior. Gloria a Dios! 

After leaving the market we headed to two different churches to present the drama. It was encouraging to pray together and to get to share with fellow Christians in Nuevo Laredo some of the work that is happening here. We performed two more dramas this afternoon at the mall each with more people who heard the truth.

In celebration of the New Year, we had a delicious dinner of a beef stew. Following dinner we played games and continued the festivities with cake and ice cream. We had a wonderful night of fun all together as a family.

Tomorrow will be our final day of ministry here in Nuevo Laredo. We are equally excited for the day and sad that it means the end of our time here. Happy New Year here from Nuevo Laredo!

Your Country Coordinators,

Rebecca, Caleb & Walker

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