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Seeing His Unstoppable Sovereignty

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Hello friends and family!

We have had a productive day of ministry here in Panama City! And it was a day we had to fight for. The enemy was hard at work to stop the spread of the Gospel, but he cannot prevail!

We began the day with a drive back from Chepo to Panama` City.  This is a relatively short drive—only about an hour. We rested a little bit more and then had some lunch here at the White House.

After lunch is when the struggle began. We had no translators available to go with us and help us minister. But, in faith, we left anyway. As we headed to the region of the city where we were going to minister, we were supposed to have a translator meet us there. But as we got on the subway, our subway pass stopped working and we had to get a new one. When we finally made it to Villa Spana (the ministry area today), our translator was not there. Not willing to give up on ministry, the team walked to a nearby park and began to prayerwalk. We prayed that God would move in the area and that He would draw crowds to Himself. A rain shower earlier that day had sent most people inside. But God is powerful enough to draw a crowd anywhere.

After a few minutes of prayerwalking, our translator finally did find us. Suddenly we had a much greater opportunity to minister, so we walked back to the subway station and performed the drama right in front of the exit so that as people left the station, they would see and hear the Gospel.  Here is where God began to work all our frustrations for His glory. As we began the drama, there was not much of a crowd. However, it did not take long for people to begin to stop and see. We even had a film crew stop and film our performance for a video blog they run. They were filming some of the daily happenings around Panama City and wanted to include us! The crew got to hear the Gospel. They did not respond in faith, but we trust that seeds were planted, and we trust that more seeds may be planted by our inclusion in their blog! Praise the Lord! But there were more people than just this crew there, and we saw three people have their lives changed forever by giving their hearts to the Lord at this site. In our disappointments, God had Divine Appointments just waiting for us!

As we wrapped up at that site, we began to walk towards La Communidad Bible Church for a party they were throwing this evening for those people who saw the drama and gave their hearts to the Lord. Our plan was to walk to the church, performing one more drama along the way. We did stop at the next subway station down the line and performed at the exit, just like at the last site. This time, not as many people stopped to see and hear the Gospel. But there were three police officers acting as security guards for that section of the city, and all three of them came to know the Lord. All glory to Him! Not only did they receive salvation, but we also met our new friend Kenny at this site. Kenny has just moved to the city, and he was looking for a church home. So after the drama, Kenny continued with us on our walk to the party we were having at La Communidad tonight! How cool is that!? So Kenny joined us along with seven or eight others who heard the Gospel through Awe Star and came for dinner and fellowship at La Communidad.

Today was full of strange disappointments, but our God is powerful and sovereign, and He used those disappointments to bring several people into a new relationship with Him. And He brought another possibly into a relationship with a new Church. We thank the Lord that He works this way, and that He provided us with a translator when we most needed one. Please pray that tomorrow goes so well as it is our last day of drama ministry here in Panama. We know ministry can and will continue, but we will have no more dramas after tomorrow. Pray for cheerful and rejoicing attitudes so that our students can continue to give all they have for the sake of the Gospel.

We love you all, and look forward to sharing even more stories upon our return!

Your CCs,

Craig and Meridith

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