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Saturday Shopping

(Saturday, June 29)

The Augusta team came into the Casa Blanca the afternoon of their flight with bleary eyes and sweaty foreheads. Despite their fatigue, the team was excited to start ministry, so they donned their costumes and ate the first PB&J’s of the week. With renewed strength the team walked around the corner to Cinco de Mayo.

Vendors selling jewelry, bags, hats, and fresh fruits and vegetables lined the middle of the street, shops blaring music on all sides. People of all ethnicities, ages, and histories flowed patternless between the vendors, hopping puddles of sewage and dodging dogs. 

The team performed three dramas this afternoon to some of the biggest crowds of the summer. The students moved with intentionality and confidence in speaking to members of the audience after the drama, eager to share the love of our Savior. They met another group of evangelists on the street, and the teams prayed over each other’s ministries.

Tomorrow the team will attend church at La Comunidad Bible Church then head outside the city to the Embera Puru community of San Miguelito. 

Amazed at His faithfulness,

Steph and Daniel

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  • Penny Culpepper says:

    I love reading about the journey each team is on, thanks for blogging for us back home!! Praying for each of you!!

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