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Saturday: The Body of Christ

Good evening from Nuevo Laredo!

Stories.  Throughout Scripture we see stories of God doing great things through
ordinary people.  Today, we saw God do great things through ordinary students.  It
was an amazing sight to see our students boldy proclaim the Gospel through the
Freedom Drama in flea markets, plazas, and a church.

Team Esperanza (Hope) was greeted by a large crowd at the flea market in Nuevo Laredo.
What turned out  to be a positively overwhelming situation as people responded to
the Gospel, they faced a shortage of interpreters.   Out of the crowd, came a
missionary from San Antonio who came and helped them  translate the Gospel.
This missionary had a heartbeat of obedience as he went with one of our ministry
teams and they saw four people come to know Christ!  To even further testify of
God’s greatness, God provided four more translators for the rest of the day.
Many people came to know Jesus as Lord and Savior.

Team Paz (Peace) went to four different sites with their last stop being at a church
plant outside of Nuevo Laredo.  One of our students shared their testimony of how
they grew up in church and was a good kid, yet still was not saved.   After the drama
was performed, the pastor of the church  asked again for this student to come up
and share his testimony again to relate to some of his congregation.  God used this
students testimony to speak to the church and encourage them to not just attend
church but BE the church.

One of the greatest aspects of an Awe Star mission trip is seeing the body of Christ
come together in unity.  God has brought students and adults from across the
United States for one common purpose-to proclaim the Good News.  Through the
common bond of Christ, salvation has come to Nuevo Laredo.

These  stories testify to God’s amazing creativity as he brings brothers and
sisters in Christ from all walks of  life to build His kingdom.  Today, we saw this
through a missionary from San Antonio, a new church start in Nuevo Laredo, and
in the obedience of students from across the United States.

Tonight, our students  just finished a great meal at one of our host churches and are
now spending some time in the Word after a great day of ministry.  In the morning,
the two teams will be going to two different churches to worship and present the
Freedom Drama.

One thing that you could pray with us about is the churches here in Nuevo Laredo
as they do the follow up.  As we sat last night hearing the hearts of these pastors, we
were encouraged to see their hearts for the lost here in Nuevo Laredo.

Click on the link below for pictures from today.

Thank you for praying!

Your Country Coordinators,

Colby and Meridith

Mike and Gerri


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5 response to Saturday: The Body of Christ

  • Bobby & Daphne Abbott says:

    We are excited to hear the good reports and will pray for others to come to The Lord!

  • Rev. Clayton Griggs says:

    Rejoicing with the angels that God has added to our family through your efforts to spread thr Good News. He has come through with needed help at just the right time. What a mighty God we serve.

  • Jeanie McSherry says:

    Sounds like you are off to a great start! Praying for you all! LOVE U MALACHI!

  • Dana worth says:

    Am following the site daily and excited and
    moved watching and reading how God
    is moving. God is so amazing! I love you Chase
    Allen Worth and am beyond proud of you.

  • Debbie Goodman says:

    Great update!! Praying for the teams as you head to church today. Praying you will collectively and individually be an encouragement to the Body of Christ today.

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