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Salvation Springs Forth!

Team Strong
“A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another” (John 13:34).

Our team experienced this firsthand today as we were standing in a group. As we were about to leave the drama site, we had a little boy, a 7-year-old whom we nicknamed Brave, come over to us with tears rolling down his dirty and scratched face. Brave began to explain to us that his father abuses him and throws rocks at him. Our hearts broke for this young boy. We prayed for Brave and then shared the Gospel with him. Brave accepted Christ into his life, and we explained to him that he was our Father’s favorite child! We all broke down as this little boy walked around and hugged every one of us.

One of the pastors we are working with went with Brave to see his father. The pastor said, “Brave told me that someone is abusing him and throwing rocks at him. Do you know anything about this?” The father responded, “NO.” However, little Brave stood up against his dad and said, “YOU DO THAT!” The pastor talked to the father, and the Holy Spirit convicted him. The father asked if the pastor would begin to work with him and his family. What a mighty God we serve! Please continue to lift up Brave and his family with us. We know God has great things in store for little Brave, for he now knows He has a Heavenly Father who loves him! Also please pray for the pastor and his family as they begin to minister to this family.

Team Courageous
How glorious our God is! Our hearts are so full from today’s ministry in how the team continued to be unified in the Spirit and to the power of prayer. This morning we began Jesus’ ministry in prayer for each other in going to all of our sites and the people that God intended for us to meet today. The students were excited to go and share this morning and began to look for opportunities to meet people and share the greatest news of all! At the first ministry site, one of the students had seen a vendor who was watching the drama, and as the students began to minister, this student said, “I don’t know about you guys, but we need to go and talk to the woman in the gray sweater!” The ministry team went to speak with her and as she explained she knew Jesus, but she expressed her heart and was so grateful that they had come and asked for the team to pray for her children to come to know Jesus. The students were obedient to God’s calling on the saints in need of encouragement. (1 Thessalonians 5:11 – “Therefore, encourage one another and build each other up. . . “)

At our second site, the Spirit was present and evident as the teams began to share the Gospel with the people, and salvation came forth for many people today! Several of the men came together to go and share with a man who was a ditch digger and as they began talking to him, the man stopped his digging and listened and is now a brother in Christ! Praise to God! We have seen the Lord take our ministry sites with no people and bring the people He had planned to hear about His redeeming love. As the team neared the end of our ministry sites, the team poured out their energy to present the drama one last time for an area of poverty, and the Lord was honored and made known! The team shared with compassion and love for the people and had no desire to leave them!

Like I said, our hearts are so full from Jesus’ ministry today that we can’t help but tell what we have seen and heard today and look forward to share even more stories with you!

Gloria a Dios!

Both teams are eager to get back to Jesus’ ministry. We appreciate and desire your prayers. You are a vital part of this team by praying for us. Pray that we continue grow closer in unity, continued health, that the bonds of slavery are broken and salvation continues to come!

Your CCs,
Team Strong

Gerri & Colby
Team Courageous

Becky & Jacey

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