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Salvation Comes!

Our first day of ministry was not without challenges; however, our students were prepared and overcame anything that the enemy threw at them. One of our teams had no translator, so one of our members met the challenge and trried to do her best. Her best was filled with the Holy Spirit and she did beautifully! Salvation came to many as a result!

Students who are here for their first time were anxious to get busy. And they did! They did not hesitate or let the language barrier be an issue. They forged ahead in doing their best to speak a language they do not know, and made clear His desires and sacrifice. The result was that many came to know Jesus today!

We could not be more proud of the efforts of these two teams. They worked in 95+ degree temperatures, and did not complain. They are learning from the teachings. Today was on the Awe Factors. We could see them assimliate the teaching and immediately begin to use them. What incredible students!

They will have so much to tell you! Thank you for your continued prayer support.

They ate nachos for dinner. Huge plates full! Nachos originated here in Piedras Negras, so they are well prepared. We loved them! And yes, we are very full AGAIN! (We know you are jealous!)

Tonight, Walker and Cathy Moore surprised the teams and flew down to spend time with us!!! What a great day!

Please pray for continued great attitudes and health. Ask the Lord to continue to draw in a harvest as your loved ones spend themselves for His kingdom! Thank you so much!

Brent Higgins CC

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6 response to Salvation Comes!

  • Tracy Mootry says:

    No surprise that our Lord is already at work. It is so awesome to hear the updates and see the pictures of our kids doing Jesus ministry! Continued prayers for our teams of servants! Love, Jon & Tracy Mootry

  • Praise God for He is always at work. We are so grateful for Awestar. We are praying much for all of you, and we are confident that the Lord will continue to do impossible things. Charis, this is dad. I love you, babe. I don’t know if there is any greater blessing than to see your kids serving Christ. You bless me and your mom so much! He is worthy! Amen!

  • New names have been added to the Book of Life now because of what you are doing, Praise God! I am continually praying for both teams and for the many people who will have the opportunity to see and hear the good new of Christ. Braden, we love you and are so very proud that you chose to be used by God this week, remember what I pray over you and your brother…be still and be quiet enough to hear Him whisper….

  • Daniel,
    Hope you’re doing well little bro! I’m so excited for you to have the Awe Star experience! I’m praying that God will use you greatly this week and also that He would change you greatly! Can’t wait to hear your God stories!! ONE WEEK TILL I’M HOME!!!

  • Kyle Black says:

    There are too many recognizable faces to name only one. Is always exciting to see photos and hear the update on the amazing work that God is doing. For these teams that I love so much, I pray that you will continue to serve God with all your hearts and that the Lord would reinforce the strong sense of team unity and self humility that you will need to be effective in ministry.
    Miss you all and hope to see you soon keep up God’s work

  • Praying for open hearts, divine appointments and much fruit as the team pushes forward this week! Tell Daniel mom and dad said hello and that we heard from JoJo and she made it safely to Central Asia! Can’t wait to hear all the God-stories!

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