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Salvación en Trujillo

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Buenas noches!

After a nice rest day yesterday, we were more than ready to get back to ministry today! We started off the day with a wonderful breakfast at Pastor Tito’s house and then headed out to our first site. We arrived at a school this morning and began to set up. The students of the school lined up around all three levels of the building to watch us perform. Afterwards, one of the groups spoke to a group of kids on the second level. Our students said that the kids were extremely attentive (which is rare for children) and once they were done, many of the students decided that they wanted to become followers of Christ.

We then traveled to another school where we were to perform again. The students at this school were very enthusiastic, asking our kids for autographs and pictures. We performed, and the kids went out into their groups. One MTL spoke with a group of older kids who when asked if they understood the drama, admitted that they did not. He was able to explain the gospel more fully to them. When asked if anyone wanted to accept, one girl stepped up and raised her hand before the others were willing to answer. We are so thankful for conviction that allows us to be bold and step out even when others are too afraid. In Christ, we are no longer slaves to our own fear.

Next, we went back to Tito’s house for lunch. We are so blessed that his wife, Edith, is so willing to serve us in this way. With our stomachs full, we ventured to a plaza to perform once again. When we arrived, there was barely anyone present to watch. However, after some worship, people began to show up. By the time the drama was finished, many people had gathered around, and as a result, many were saved! God has never failed to provide an audience so that more people can hear His gospel.

For our final drama of the day, we traveled to a church whose pastor we had met at our first school of the day. We were able to perform for his congregation and their families. We also were able to spend some time encouraging them to continue on with their walk with Christ and receive encouragement as well. We love the fellowship we can get when speaking with a believer while on the field. God is constantly using fellow brothers and sisters to fill us up when we need filling.

Also, today was special because our TDs were able to have a much-needed free day. They do so much for our team and deserved some time to relax and be free of their duties. Jordan and I enjoyed doing the TD duties, as that role is one of our favorites. We loved the extra time with the team and getting to change up our roles a little bit for the day. At the same time, we were also extremely relieved when they returned home this evening.

We do have a very serious prayer request today. This morning we found out that Pastor Tito was admitted to the hospital due to gastric hemorrhaging. He is doing a little better now and is adamant that he will return to Piura, as he is supposed to be leading another team there right now. Please join us in praying for his health as well as for his family during this time. His wife was so kind to ask friends to cook for us and to allow us to use their home while they were away. Tito loves the Lord and will do whatever he can to get back out with teams; however, he needs rest for now.

You can also pray for one of our translators, Davicho, who left today to take Tito’s place with the Piura team. It was very last-minute, but we know he will do a great job leading the team.
Also, please pray for the team as we only have two full days of ministry left on the trip. We are praying that God would continually remind us of the miracles we have seen and that we would not so easily forget His goodness. Your students are getting ready to be home to you, but their work here is not done yet. We appreciate your love and support always.

Your CCs,

Jordan and Hannah

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