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The team had the opportunity to present the drama at three different churches today.  In the morning, we began at a small mission church, where we had to walk a beautiful path in order to get there.  This particular church has gone through a lot recently, and they are striving to recover from those challenges.  Today was their first event in a while.  The students invited people to come to church, and a handful did come.  However, after they presented the drama, the church members went with us door to door to share the Gospel with the people who had chosen not to come.  The students were able to have some very fruitful conversations during this time.

This afternoon was a special treat.  We were able to go to the church of one of our translators.  She was so excited for us to be there, and it was a special blessing to be able to give back to her as she has already given so much to us.

Tomorrow morning we travel to Chinendega, known to all the Nicaraguans as the hot place.  Please be in prayer that our team will continue to be healthy and hydrated as we move to this new area and weather.  We will be out in the village area, so updating posts will be much more difficult, especially uploading pictures.

We are looking forward to our last full week of ministry here.  Please continue to pray for our translators, as they have encountered allergies that have hindered their voices.  Thank you so much for lifting us up!

Following Him,

Kenny & Whitney

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response to Sabbath

  • Matt Ball says:

    Nicaragua Team, the folks in Bristow and at the FireHouse are praising God for you and the work he is doing there. We want you to know that we are continuing to pray for you daily and you serve the King. May God do impossible things through you!

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